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  1. Please research the diagrams on our web site to determine the part needed, then search for the part number on our web site using our search box.
  2. If uncertain, please go to the model machine or part web page, and use the Q&A tab found on that web page to ask your question.
  3. Lastly, and only if the first two were exhausted, please use our contact page.
  4. Our call center does not have the training to handle parts inquiries for over 60,000 different parts items. If you prefer to have hand-holding on a machine purchased elsewhere or out of warranty, we can offer our services for a charge.
  5. Please note also that all parts purchases are non-returnable or refundable and also do not include technical support, instructions, nor warranties as the purchase price of any part does not cover the cost of technical support. Technical support is available for repairing machines in our shop.

Diagrams for Bezzera Equipment:

Note: Although we list all the Bezzera parts diagrams, we do not stock nor special order any Bezzera parts for Bezzera models we do not sell. We list these diagrams because some parts may be shared across models we do not sell.

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Nicholaus T. from United States (US) purchased

Lelit MC047Sil 57mm Silicone Portafilter / Grouphead Gasket - PL41

1 day, 8 hours, 37 minutes ago