International Orders

Due to the high volume of international requests and inquiries, we apologize in advance that we can not individualize personal responses.

We are also sorry to inform you that we no longer export, no longer reply to email inquiries regarding where to find our equipment or parts outside the United States, and no longer answer any international technical questions or support inquiries. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to handle these requests and we do not always have access to this information.

Our payment processor does not allow us to charge with billing addresses outside the United States. Therefore, we can not charge your credit card issued outside the United States and ship within the United States.

1st-line Equipment, LLC does have software to block international visits to our web site to prevent daily DoD attacks, the stealing of our photos by pulling them into other web sites, fraudulent orders from fraudsters and bots, and attempts to login in to the back end of our web site to access customer information, which we have other layers of security.

We do not ship outside the United States for the following reasons (in no particular order):

  • higher fraud rates experienced from international orders,
  • travel and labor costs to bring one small package to the local United States Post Office,
  • higher internal processing costs for filling export paperwork manually and small orders do not cover these costs,
  • six month wait times for reimbursement for lost or damaged shipments (sorry, just like customers do not like to wait for their insurance reimbursement, we do not either),
  • higher credit card fees for credit cards issued outside the United States
  • lack of tracking information when customers desire the cheapest shipping method of surface parcel post,
  • higher overall shipping costs,
  • customers impatience with slow delivery times of up to 12 weeks when the postal service promises 6 weeks,
  • cost to 1st-line of return shipping when a customer refused merchandise,
  • high import duties for the customer,
  • lack of support from our merchant bank to prevent fraudulent credit card processing,
  • lack of proper voltage for recipient country as we mostly sell 110-volt equipment 60 hertz,
  • and most importantly, lack of warranty coverage not given to customers outside the United States. With regard to all manufacturers in our industry, there is no worldwide warranty. The respective warranty is LIMITED to the country where you purchase the merchandise in.

1st-line Equipment believes in providing quality service to its customers. With all of the above obstacles, we cannot provide the quality service that we are capable of providing our customers in the United States.

If you visit the United States and try to order with us, please be aware that we will cancel your order as we will only ship to the billing address and built-in code that we verify with your credit card company. If you change your billing address to within the United States and you export (a ship or bring the shipment on a ship/plane) the order outside the United States, you will be responsible for all packaging and shipping charges (to and from) for the respective warranty. Therefore, we strongly recommend you place your order in the country you will be using the merchandise in.