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Coffee Storage

MaintenanceGreen un-roasted coffee beans last up to 7 months (subject to industry opinion). The freshness of just-ground coffee beans last 7 minutes.

Roasted beans ‘true’ freshness last between 7 & 14 days after rest (rest is the period of time immediately after roasting that carbon dioxide needs to exit the beans). Some roasters and cafes do not allow rest, and the freshly roasted coffee when brewed will create a ‘blossom’ expansion of of gases or when extracting an espresso will create a very bubbly pour. The rest period can be anywhere from 2 to 10 days after roast, and the time depends upon the roaster’s preferences, their beans, and their blend.

Typically, 21 days (7 days rest and 14 days freshness), most coffee blends will taste just like any other coffee – stale! The process of losing freshness happens from oxidation. Our canisters below reduce oxidation.

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