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With over 73,000 customers and 22 years of expertise in the espresso machine and grinder business, we pride ourselves in selecting the best espresso machines, coffee grinders, roasted beans, parts and accessories. We not only import equipment and sell direct to consumers, celebrities, cafes, restaurants, and Fortune 500 companies, but we carefully select and offer advice on the equipment that best fits our customers’ needs and desires.

We desire to be the best, not the biggest! In 1997, we were the first in our industry to ship orders next business day while the our industry average was three business days. As our competition caught up to us, we changed to same business day shipping in 1999 if ordered by 10am. In 2003, it was 12 noon. In 2008, the cutoff was 2 pm. Today, most orders (except commercial machines that need to be tested or orders with payment issues) in by 4pm are packaged and shipped same day.

In 2010, we took the initiative to stock over 2000 different espresso parts. Today, we stock over 8,000+ different parts with almost 1.2 million units in stock. All organized for quick order processing and shipping. In 2012, we were the first to put up hundreds of parts diagrams. In 2017, we developed a Q&A tab for clients to ask questions on every item we sell.

We have earned our reputation for referral business and return customers based on our client support AND in choosing and selling the best brands and models in the industry. We also work with manufacturers directly in recommending product improvements as well as new technologies that we thoroughly test for the future. In other words, we do not sell everything, but we henpeck the best products from the best European espresso machine and grinder manufacturers.

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