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People Drinking Espresso1st-line Equipment’s in-house experts on espresso machines and espresso coffee grinders keep it simple for you. We only procure a high-quality selection of espresso equipment.

Since 1997, our espresso experts desire to be the best leading retailer to offer durable espresso equipment. If you are new to espresso or want to learn more, you can review our Customer Education section. For more in-depth technical information, review our Technical Support area. Moreover, watch our latest with Java Jim on our YouTube channel!

Our 70,000+ customers love our reliable home espresso machines and home espresso grinders. In addition, thousands of office managers and corporations have chosen our office espresso machines and office coffee grinders. Many cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and cruise ships carefully select from our best commercial espresso machines and commercial espresso grinders. Above all, our espresso passion has led to 1st-line earning the reputation for lots of referral business and return customers.

1st-line Equipment carefully selects, evaluates, and procures from the best espresso equipment brands. More importantly, 1st-line directly partners with these manufacturers in recommending product improvements as well as generating, creating, and testing new technological innovations. In conclusion, 1st-line does not wish to sell everything, but to choose the best products from the best European espresso equipment manufacturers.

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