Tank to Direct Connect Conversion - Strega switchable -

Tank to Direct Connect Conversion – Strega switchable

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Here is a picture of the inside. There is a wire on the left hanging. The opening on the bottom is where the water tank will sit on top. inside tank set up

water tankThis is the tank. The bottom valve will be inserted into the opening in the picture above.

The picture on the right shows the tank inserted. The wire will be left hanging.

inside water tank

plugTo convert from a tank to a direct connect, you will need this nut which comes in the accessory box. Please note that there are no rivets on the nut.

The picture on the right shows the direct connect setup. The wire is attached to a metal piece. The nut covers the opening. The best way to insert the nut is by “screwing” it in.

inside direct connect set up
wire plug

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