Not heating – BZ02

Not heating – BZ02

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If your machine does not heat, check the following:

Fill the water reservoir with non-purified water or softened (without calcium and magnesium) water. Distilled or purified water may not allow the machine to heat. if you experienced a lot of water on the counter and the aforementioned resolves the issue.

If your machine is still not heating, check the following:

Unplug the machine. Remove the water reservoir. Lay your machine upside down. Remove the 4 screws holding bottom cover. Depress the safety switch button (usually red in color). Examples are shown below.

Bezzera 7634819 Safety Thermostat - 250V, 115 °C
Bezzera 7634814 Safety Thermostat 250V, 162 °C

If it depresses and you feel a click, then test the machine. Test and stay near machine to make sure the gauge does not exceed 1.3. If it does, then the pressurestat (Heating element controller) has a lot of limescale causing it to stick. The machine would need to be descaled and the pressurestat would need to be replaced.

If you don’t feel a click, then there is another issue and the machine would most likely need to be serviced by a professional. Please contact us or locate a repair company close to you.

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