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Cleaning Agents

Here is a simple run down on our favorite cleaners (multiple brands):

  • Backflushing / Backwashing / Grouphead Cleaning: Removes ONLY the coffee oils in your grouphead. Available in powder form for in the backflush disc/insert on portafilters on traditional machines and tablets for insertion of a bypass doser in super-automatic machines. Powder form is also used to clean baskets, portafilters, and dispersion screens.
  • Descaling / Decalcifying: Removes only limescale deposits caused by the water inside your machine. Powder and tablet form and usually run through the reservoir, pump, and internals.
  • Milk Washing / Cleaning: Removes difficult milk build-up on steam wands and cleans auto frothers.
  • Grinder Cleaning: Typically removes oil buildup on the burrs and sometimes removes the odors created by flavored coffee beans running through a coffee grinder.
  • General Cleaning: General cleaners for most home and commercial coffee makers.
  • Lubricants: Food-safe, NSF-approved lubricants that may be needed after cleaning a machine or brew group.
  • Capresso / Jura Specific: Specific items for Capresso and Jura equipment.