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Espresso Grinders for Home Use

1st-line Equipment, LLC tests and selects the best home espresso grinders and coffee grinders in the specialty coffee business. Our all purpose grinders help our clients who can fit one grinder on their counter top and have multiple brew methods. Some of the best brands we carry are Eureka, Mazzer, Macap, and more!

Our espresso only grinders typically have superior structural integrity (better build quality with less plastic) over all purpose grinders. There is a limit for espresso only grinders due to the doser section (which limits clearance for ground coffee exiting). Same with the adjustment for grind fineness, which does not have simply go from one extreme grind setting to another. We hope this explains the trade-off for each grinder type. Typically, the higher prices on an espresso only grinder relates to larger burrs for superior grind quality and higher dissipation of heat build up, performance, and structural integrity for longevity.

Finally, our home espresso grinders are for grinding coffee beans only, not for grinding spices or other food products. Therefore, we are unable to accept any eligible returns on coffee grinders that grinds food products other than coffee. After all, the residuals are extremely difficult to remove from the grinder for resale as a used product.

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