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Eureka! You may have discovered this awesome brand of high-end espresso coffee grinders to pair with your espresso machine. Since 1920, the espresso grinder manufacturer has been designing beautiful home espresso grinders and industrial coffee grinders. Eureka was founded by Aurelio Conti in Florence, Italy since Conti wanted to produce the best espresso to grind. After all, an espresso grinder is truly key to how you produce your espresso! The company thus strives to design the most innovative products with the best user experience throughout the espresso grinder industry. Furthermore, the grinds that come out are “state of the art”, no matter how users are looking to prepare their beverages!

Espresso Grinders at 1st-line

1st-line proudly carries a variety of Eureka espresso coffee grinders and accessories. Whether you are looking to purchase a unit that is entry-level or one that is slightly more advanced, we can offer you one that will greatly suit your needs! For instance, we carry the three latest Mignon models, the Eureka Mignon Silenzio, Eureka Mignon Perfetto, and Eureka Mignon Specialita! All three of these grinders are perfect for home use, feature silent technology and flat burrs, and are doserless. Moreover, the more advanced grinders that we carry are the Eureka Atom 60, Eureka Atom Specialty 65, Eureka Atom Specialty 75, and Eureka Zenith. These consist of large flat burrs, stepless grinding adjustment, and more! Many customers who purchase the Lelit Bianca dual boiler espresso machine love pairing it with the Specialita or the Atom 60!

If you are eager to purchase a quality espresso coffee grinder, then check out this brand and contact us if you would like to speak to one of our espresso experts to learn more!

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