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Are you a long-term espresso coffee aficionado? Or maybe you are a new admirer of the craft as you are just getting started on your journey. Great news either way! Macap espresso coffee grinders will only amplify your enthusiasm for the coveted perfect grind and increase your passion for the perfect cup of coffee. At 1st-line Equipment, we understand that you want and deserve a superb cup of coffee, every single time. This commitment to excellence begins with choosing a Macap espresso coffee grinder.

The History of Macap

Originally founded in 1930 in Venice, Italy as a coffee equipment supplier, Macap has had decades to refine and guarantee its quality craft. The espresso coffee grinders are created with quality, durability, and longevity in mind. The sleek and functional designs are outstanding for professional or home use. Exceptionally easy on the eyes, the grinders are space-savvy and offer a quality of control that allows you to uniquely choose your brew preference on a daily basis. From a coarse French press grind to an extremely fine grind for espresso, you are your own world-renowned barista with a Macap product.

Macap was the first to introduce a “shorter” hopper so their grinder would fit under standard American cabinets. In 2006, the stepless M4 was introduced to the US market at the request of 1st-line. The two-finger adjustment knobs from either side pleases both left and right-handed baristas and allows for easy small, minute changes of as little as two millimeters. Macap dosers operate smoothly and empty out grounds with a very quality sweeper. 1st-line carries a variety of Macap espresso coffee grinders and parts for its customers. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our selection of high-quality Macap Espresso Coffee Grinders and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

Macap Espresso Coffee Grinders

Providing its quality grinders to over fifty countries, you can be rest assured that Macap’s espresso coffee grinders are not only universally desired but respected around the world. Using the highest possible standards in construction, the featured coffee grinders are hands down a brilliant choice for attaining a quality investment. Whether you want to provide a quality grind ensuring satisfied customers, or if simply you want to enjoy quality and sophistication in your own home, a Macap espresso coffee grinder is a perfect choice. Having a passion for a quality brew is not something even the most average coffee connoisseur takes lightly, let 1st-line Equipment bring your passion to realization. A quality coffee grinder will link the bean to the machine to the cup equaling your total and utter enjoyment.

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