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History and Overview

Elektra manufactures espresso machines and grinders from Treviso, Italy that 1st-line has been importing from its start! The name derives from the word elektron, meaning “shining object.” Additionally, the name pays tribute to Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radio, and named his laboratory Elettra. Elektra espresso equipment has stunning and shiny designs that are show-stopping for one’s home espresso bar or coffee shop. Most importantly, the build and reliability quality contribute to the company’s mission of catering to all the needs of its clients.

Espresso Equipment at 1st-line

1st-line is proudly the master USA importer for a variety of Elektra espresso machines and espresso coffee grinders for home and commercial usage. Our espresso machines will target many of your needs. For example, these include types of beverages being made, types of espresso machines, size and design, and budget.

If you are looking to use E.S.E. pods in your espresso machine, then check out the Elektra Nivola POD Espresso Machine! Furthermore, if you are looking for a compact single-boiler espresso machine with a manual lever, then we are offering the Elektra Microcasa a Leva! Still want a compact espresso machine with a heat exchange system? Then take a look at the Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica! Moreover, if you are looking to go to the big leagues with a 2 to 3-group commercial espresso machine, then we have plenty of models where that came from, including the KUP, Aletta, and Barlume. Lastly, do not forget about finding a quality grinder to pair with your Elektra espresso machine! We have the Elektra MSD, Elektra MXD, and Elektra Nino to suit your needs.

Interested in Learning More?

Are you interested in learning more about Elektra espresso machines and espresso coffee grinders? Then do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email at the Contact Us link. We will gladly be able to help you find the right piece of equipment based on your qualifications!

Finally, if you want to learn more about our coffee machine manufacturers, then take a look at the Brands page!

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