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Are you looking for an elegant, yet uncomplicated espresso machine or coffee grinder? Furthermore, are you looking for a product to feature in your home? Well, Lelit certainly has exactly what you are searching for. Lelit Italian-made espresso machines and coffee grinders seek to please almost every need or budget. Moreover, 1st-line Equipment is pleased to offer Lelit’s quality machines and equipment to our loyal customers.

All about Lelit

Lelit is a family-run business that produces elegant Italian machines for your home and office use. Additionally, they feature machines that utilize brilliant technology and craft optimal temperatures and water pressure. Thus, this allows you to create the best espresso. These Italian-made espresso machines and coffee grinders make becoming a barista accessible. Besides, this comes with the capability to set most controls allowing anyone to master the fine art of brew extraction. Lelit prides themselves on being a company that supports environmental sustainability through the use of green energy, recyclable materials, and efficient chain distribution methods. The featured espresso machines and coffee grinders not only look elegant and sleek, but function and durability are at the forefront of their design.

Are you looking for the most compact machines to meet a certain price point or simply want to own a piece of Italian history? Well, Lelit products will please the barista in you!

Finding the delicate balance between perfect water temperature, grinding, powder tamping, or even blend quality might seem impossible. However, Lelit machines give you the refinement and skill needed to master the art at the tip of your fingers. Also, 1st-line Equipment is proud to supply you with quality replacement parts to meet your machines’ needs. As you sip on that very first exquisite brew, you will surely tell yourself that you made an excellent decision investing in one of these timeless and applaud-worthy machines. We first brought in the machines back in late 2003. Furthermore, we have worked directly with Lelit to build and design their machines to our specifications.

Lelit Espresso Machines at 1st-line

We have worked closely with their staff on various espresso machine models. These include the PL41 Anna series, PL62 Mara, PL60 Diana models, and the game-changing Lelit Bianca dual boiler espresso machine. Additional home espresso machines that we carry include the Lelit Elizabeth dual boiler espresso machine, Lelit PL62T Mara, Lelit Mara X, Lelit Glenda, and more. Moreover, if you are looking for a commercial espresso machine, then check out the Lelit Giulietta! Concerning the Mara and Diana, we delayed importing these models because we wanted to be as close to perfect as possible. These models feature rich and offer the best value for the money – NOT made in China either, plus we sell the parts for repairs. How can one beat that?

Should I Get A Mara X, Elizabeth, or Bianca Espresso Machine?

In 2020, these three machines are our top-selling models from Lelit. If you are interested in any of these three machines, here are our recommendations in a nutshell. The Lelit Mara X is great if you are a beginner home barista and love the traditional group/look. However, the Lelit Elizabeth espresso machine is for the more experienced home barista, since the LCC display gives a lot of opportunities for espresso extractions. Additionally, the Lelit Bianca espresso machine is the ultimate for home baristas wanting exceptional flavors in the cup as well as optimal temperature stability and performance. Finally, if you would like to get more insight or advice on these units, then do not hesitate to contact one of our espresso experts today!

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