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The origins of VBM are born from another proud espresso machine maker, Faema. Both brands are the result of Carlo Ernesto Valente, a man universally recognized as the “father” of contemporary espresso coffee machines. In 1976 Valente created a new company, VBM, with two other men.

Vibiemme (pronounced vee – bee – emm), branded as VBM, is an acronym made up of the founders’ names:

Valente, Carlo Ernesto
Biancolini, Mario (Faema former general manager for foreign sales)
Merigi, Giorgio (Faema former general manager for national sales)

VBM –> Vibiemme
With vision, innovation, and a goal to build the best espresso machines on the market, these three men created a company that delivers high-quality, reliable machines that produce incredible results.

This review from The Philadelphia Inquirer is a great testament to the engineering that goes into each VBM espresso machine and the amazing results it produces.

“Even these high performers were blown away, however, by the gleaming chrome Gargantua of the VBM ($1,500), a retro-styled semi-commercial machine weighing in at 63 pounds. With a computer board to monitor temperature, a big boiler that transitions with no time delay between coffee making and frothing (a major difference in some machines), and the option of going fully automatic or manual, this was the luxury limousine of the test. Its espresso was not just silky in texture, topped with a swirling, multihued crema, it sang ethereal notes of fruitiness and chocolate the other machines didn’t produce.”

For years, 1st-line Equipment has demonstrated the Domobar Super to coffee professionals at coffee conventions around the country. We’ve been carrying Vibiemme espresso machines since 2006 and are proud to state that these machines hold the lowest percentage defect rate for our customers compared to other brands we carry.

Call today and let us help you pick the suitable VBM espresso machine for your business or home.

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