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There are small scratches on the top of the machine. It also has a film cover that comes off. This has a vibration pump and is tank only.

Warranty limited to manufacturer’s defect: 1-year parts and labor.

VBM Domobar Super HX Espresso Machine


The VBM Domobar Super HX espresso machine has consistently outperformed many competitive models (sold by us and not sold by us) in terms of reliability and performance. With the least defects on a percentage of machines sold, we knew at that time there were several reasons for this!

In fact, other manufacturers started to utilize a similar restrictor in the thermosyphon tubes (2 tubes running from grouphead to boiler) to better regulate overheating of their E61 groupheads. VBM did this from the start to enhance their espresso extraction performance!

Most other manufacturers are using smaller tubes (which tend to create greater overheating of the grouphead). However, VBM still uses 10mm inside diameter/12mm outside diameter thermosyphon tubes. Also, more metal means more cost here. Less metal means less cost for a manufacturer. No skimping by VBM!

Another reason for reliability is the position of the electronics. Down in the bottom rear of the machine – away from the heat of the boiler! Couple the large boiler with high output steam wands, and this machine froths milk in a jiffy. In fact, VBM will not place the so-called no-burn steam wands for 2 reasons. First, they slow down performance to froth milk. Second, they have silicone inside the pipe which sometimes tends to create foul odors.

VBM has the most robust E61 grouphead in the industry. Hands down. Customers who see E61 espresso machines in person tend to gravitate towards the VBM’s due to its robustness and structure.

All in all, the high quality construction makes the next step up a commercial machine. ALL STAINLESS BODY AND CHASSIS – NO BLACK ENAMEL PAINTED FRAME THAT CAN CHIP OR RUST! If you can fit this machine in your home and office, you will not regret purchasing this unit! We don’t as we use the Super HX machines for catering events up to 250 people! Now, that’s performance!

Features particular to the VBM Domobar Super HX

  • Gorgeous polished stainless steel body panels.
  • Small lever on side of grouphead allows user to engage/disengage pump and three-way manual solenoid valve to start/stop espresso extraction.
  • Manual three-way valve below grouphead allows removal of portafilter handle from grouphead immediately after espresso extraction stops.
  • Insulation on inner wall between water reservoir and internal boiler.
  • The electronic brain unit is located on the bottom rear – away from heat that rises from a hot boiler and that can damage electronics.
  • Easy self-repairable (some skill needed) as this machine is one of the easiest to diagnose and self-repair (saves on shipping!)
  • 41-watt vibratory pump (“vibe” pump) goes up to 15 bar with air valve bypass – please note that only 9 bar is necessary for espresso. Do not be fooled for machines with higher pump pressure as one is only creating too much UN-needed pressure on the internal system.

Common features across all Super Espresso Machines

  • Heavy duty VBM ‘true’ E61 grouphead maintains active flow of water from the grouphead to the heat exchanger in the boiler.
  • The heat exchanger allows you to make espresso after espresso until water reservoir is emptied – plus with the larger boiler, you can steam milk at the same time.
  • Professional grade brass portafilters. One portafilter with single spout and single filter basket and one portafilter with dual spout and double filter basket.
  • Boiler pressure gauge to indicate boiler pressure (reading will vary between .8 and 1.2 bar pressure). The setting can be varied by adjusting the full size pressure-stat through the access port under the cup warmer tray on top of machine.
  • Pump pressure gauge to indicate brew pressure during espresso extraction (reading will vary while not extracting – this is normal).
  • Multi-directional stainless steel steam wand on left side can go in different directions.
  • Multi-directional stainless steel hot water tap on right side can go in different directions.
  • Power indicator light on right side indicates when the machine is powered on.

More common features across all Super Espresso Machines

  • Heating light on left side indicates when espresso machine is heating.
  • Low water level light in middle indicates when water level in water reservoir in rear is low.
  • Three-stage power switch allows user to fill internal boiler without sending power to the heating element. This prevents damage upon initial start up.
  • Full-size pressure-stat (rated as one of the best boiler pressure regulators) monitors boiler pressure.
  • Extremely large stainless steel drip tray which can be easily (slides out with pull of handle) removed for cleaning. Grate stays on machine when pulling out drip tray so that it is one step to empty.
  • GICAR branded electronic water level control for internal boiler is located in lower right rear corner of machine where there is least heat build up.
  • Largest OPV (over pressure valve opens when too much pump pressure exists) located in rear of machine with easy access when body panel and six (6) associated screws are removed.


  • Single spout portafilter, single dose filter basket, double spout portafilter, double dose filter basket, blind filter basket for backflushing, plastic coffee scoop, and a common useless plastic tamper (please make sure to order a good tamper).


Do you like what this espresso machine has to offer, but want a rotary pump instead of a vibration? Then check out the VBM Domobar Super Switchable! In addition, if you want an HX espresso machine that is more compact, then review the VBM Domobar Junior! Finally, do you want to see our other home espresso machines? Then take a look at our webpage!


VBM (Vibiemme)

Height (inches)

16.5, approximate

Width (inches)

11, approximate

Depth (inches)

20, approximate

Weight (pounds)


Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)


Boiler capacity (liters)


Portafilter size (mm)


Tank capacity (liters)


Country of manufacture

Milan, Italy



Espresso Machine Warning:

  • ELECTRICAL WARNING: To avoid electrical damage to this espresso machine which is not considered a manufacturer's defect, please acquire and install a single-outlet surge suppressor rated at 1080 joules or higher. the lack of the recommended surge suppressor, the espresso machine can be damaged at the power switch, the electronics, the heating element, the pressurstat or the wiring inside.
  • WATER WARNING: To increase the useful life of and not damage your espresso machine, please use softened water. Softened water is water without calcium and without magnesium, but still has other minerals for espresso extraction. Do not use distilled water, purified water, nor reverse osmosis water as these types of water create oxidation with the metals and cause the same damaging effects as limescale.
  • DESCALING WARNING: We do not recommend descaling unless there is an issue with the espresso machine. The reason is that too much descaling can eat away at the metals and gaskets inside an espresso machine.

  1. No burn wands: We have decided to NOT offer no-burn steam wands because the typical internal diameter is about 50% less than a normal steam wand, and this usually affects performance times in steaming. In addition, the grouphead has a much greater area to get burned.
  2. Some assembly required: Feet are not attached to the machine.
  3. 220 volt: Sorry, 220-240 volt units are not available for ordering.
  4. Service notes:
    1. Backflushing: This machine should be backflushed minimum once every 50 espresso extractions using Ascaso Detergent (our instructions included with purchase). This is only for cleaning the oils from the grouphead.
    2. Water Usage: We prefer one uses softened (not just filtered) water to prevent limescale build up. Descaling really is for internally cleaning of the machine.



Common Parts

Technical Support

Warranty Information

Who handles the warranty

Eligible warranty for Vibiemme home equipment is handled by 1st-line Equipment or representative thereof. If you have purchased your Vibiemme equipment from another retailer (not 1st-line Equipment), you must contact them first in order to get your equipment serviced under warranty.

What does the warranty cover

The warranty is limited to manufacturer’s defects only.

Regarding espresso machines: Limescale buildup can lead to problems with your machine. The warranty will not cover any repairs if our technicians find limescale in your machine. Although descaling can be a good alternative to remove limescale causing minerals (calcium and magnesium), we strongly suggest that prevention is the best form of maintenance. The reason is that descalers can cause wear and tear on components inside an espresso machine. This includes gaskets, o-rings, and other metal components. However, where there is a clog somewhere, descaling will be a necessity on the specified part, area, or entire machine.

Regarding coffee grinders: As with all coffee grinders, it is very important to only change grind settings when the unit is powered on and the burrs are in motion. If you do not do this, the burrs will ‘gunk’ up and require cleaning by you every time this occurs. Changing the grind settings when the burrs are not in motion will render the grinder to only produce very coarse grinds or no grinds at all. If this result occurs, this will be considered operator error for lack of following directions, and not be classified as a defective grinder.

When does the warranty expire

The manufacturer’s warranty on new equipment is good for a period of 1 year from date of receipt which covers parts. Labor warranties may vary depending on the company you purchase from. Vibiemme products may have an extended warranty limited to manufacturer’s defect and will specifically state the extended period of time on your receipt.

Where will my equipment be serviced

In most cases, your Vibiemme equipment must be sent to a repair facility. If 1st-line Equipment will be servicing your equipment, you must either ship it or drop off at our facility in New Jersey.

How do I send in my equipment in for repair

If you are inside the warranty period and have purchased it from us, please contact us. Please be ready to provide the following information: invoice# of purchase, model of equipment, and a detailed description of the issue.

If you are outside the warranty period, whether you have purchased the equipment from us or not, please order a diagnosis. Please note that wait times can be up to 8 weeks. Our technical support staff can have a back log of repairs. As an alternative we have a listing of 3rd party repair companies across the USA that can assist you.

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      Thanks for the info on my VBM hx machine. I am just measuring the water coming out with a thermometer (into warmed shot glass) so definitely not super sensitive. It's definitely not hot though. I can put my hand right under the flow of water. I'll try to adjust again (maybe both ways to see if it makes a diff). Should I remove the part and try to descale it or just desale the whole thing again? Is this an easily replaceable part?
    1. 0 votes
      Q Thanks for the info on my VBM hx machine. I am just measuring the water coming out with a thermom...... Read more answer now
      Asked by Jed on December 1, 2022 4:25 pm
      Answered by the admin

      Insta-read themrometers are terrible and read air temp. Usually 165 d F is best reading in these cases. Try descaling the grouphead and let sit overnight with descaler. Otherwise, a professional needs to evaluate the possibilities of the faults.

    2. Hello- I have a VBM DOMO HX and I'm wondering what's the trick to increasing brew temp? I tried making small and not so small adjustments (counterclockwise) to the screw below the cup-warmer...doesn't seem to make a dent. Hot water coming out of the brew head is about 150 F into a warmed shot glass. I recently adjusted brew pressure down a little (was close to 13 bar) and descaled.
    3. 0 votes
      Q Hello- I have a VBM DOMO HX and I'm wondering what's the trick to increasing brew temp? I tried m...... Read more answer now
      Asked by jed on November 19, 2022 10:31 am
      Answered by the admin

      The only way is through the pressurstat which you are adjusting. Turn in 1/4 increments. The pressurstat may be stuck on the inside and may need to be descaled internally. However, it can also be your way of measuring temperature which usually requires a special portafilter hooked up to a temperature reader. These usually cost about $600.