Bezzera BZ10 PM Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine – V2


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Bezzera BZ10 PM Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine – V2

This beautiful and compact stainless steel espresso machine can be a fine addition to any home! There are many benefits and a solid performance that can be found from the features on this espresso machine.

This machine is classified as a semi-automatic whereby the operator of the machine presses the coffee button to start the espresso extraction and depresses the same button to stop the espresso extraction.

The BZ10’s grouphead houses two electric heating elements and a thermostat to monitor temperature at the grouphead, and the boiler pressure/temperature is monitored by a pressurestat (regulator).

New features on the Version 2 model:

  • Switches have been upgraded to toggle switches, previously push button switches, for easier activation.
  • Indicator lights have been upgraded to LED’s, which are longer lasting than the previous regular bulbs.
  • Emblem logo on the back body panel has been changed to a gold color, which is more eye-catching than the previous gray color.


  • Body panel: All stainless steel wraparound body polished to a mirror finish. The gold colored emblem logo on the back of the panel really catches your eye.
  • Steam wand: Located on the left side of the machine. Multi-directional to allow for almost any size frothing pitcher. 2 hole tip gives you a good amount of steaming power and helps create microfoam. Joystick lever activates the steam in any direction and locks in the up position which allows you to use both hands.
  • Hot water wand: Located on the right side of the machine. Joystick lever activates the hot water in any direction. Maximum cup height clearance from drip tray to tip: ~4.25″.
  • Grouphead: 58 mm size. Thermostat-controlled heating element help maintain temperature stability. Maximum cup height clearance from drip tray to spout: ~3.625″.
  • Water tank / reservoir: 3 liter capacity. Accessible from the top back of the machine. In-line hose has a particle filter attached. Tank sits on a pressure plate which activates a microswitch. When the water in the tank is low, the microswitch gets deactivated and cuts power to the machine. This helps prevent the heating element from burning out.
  • Boiler: 1.5 liter capacity. NSF approved Nistla (nickel) plated copper boiler. Circuitry for automatic refill of internal boiler from water reservoir.
  • Dual pressure gauge: Top half indicates steam pressure. Ranges from 0 – 3 bar. Optimal range is between 0.8 – 1.2 bar. Bottom half indicates brew pressure. Ranges from 0 – 15 bar. Optimal range is between 8 – 10 bar.
  • Vibration pump: Rated at 15 bar. Installed with air release valve.
  • Vacuum breaker valve: Allow the machine to be placed on a timer.
  • Overpressure valve (OPV): Adjustable to change exiting overpressure created by pump. Excess pressure is exited through the shorter hose in the water tank.
  • Mater-style pressurestat: Adjustable for changing boiler pressure.
  • Three way solenoid valve: Allows for quick removal of portafilter after espresso extraction. Excess pressure is exited to the drip tray.
  • Accessories included: Dual spout portafilter, 2-cup filter basket, 1-cup filter basket, blind filter basket, plastic tamper, plastic scoop, grouphead cleaning brush.

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Additional information



Height (inches)

15, approximate

Width (inches)

10, approximate

Depth (inches)

17, approximate

Weight (pounds)


Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)


Boiler capacity (liters)


Portafilter size (mm)


Tank capacity (liters)


Country of manufacture

Milan, Italy


  1. Body panel: Some machines come with a thin white coating that can easily be peeled off.
  2. Water connection: This model is currentyly NOT available with a direct water connection. It can only be operated using the tank / reservoir.
  3. Indicator lights: The green light on the machine indicates the machine is on. The yellow light on the machine indicates the machine has enough water. If the yellow light is off, that means there isn’t enough water in the tank.
  4. Temperature / pressure conversion table:
    80 0.5
    85 0.7
    90 1.0
    95 1.3
    100 1.7

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      Sorry, this espresso machine should be evaluated by a professional. The reason is that it can be one part or a combination of parts. It can be a bad wire, a bad water level sensor, or a bad brain unit. Considering the age, it should be looked at by a professional.

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      Sorry, at the time of this writing, it does not. 

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      Please descale the machine. If this does not solve it, please change your water to see if it corrects the issue. If not, it would need to be evaluated as too many parts could be involved.

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