Bezzera Crema DE PID Espresso Machine – 110V, HX, Electronic, White Body Panel


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Bezzera Crema DE PID Espresso Machine - 110V, Heat Exchanger with Full Automatic Dosage

The Bezzera Crema DE PID features the classic Bezzera stainless steel body enameled with a beautiful white paint. The wooden knobs add a nice complimentary touch to the white panel, which will enhance your home espresso bar with some flair and beauty. Furthermore, if you plan on entertaining a small group with espressos, cappuccinos, coffee, and tea, then this might be the perfect espresso machine for you! The Bezzera Crema DE PID houses a powerful and dependable vibration pump and a PID controller for thermal stability and programming of the temperature as great as some of Bezzera's professional espresso machines.

Picture of Bezzera Crema Internals

Picture of Boiler & Heat Exchange System

Heat exchange boiler system:

  • Copper – The boiler is made of solid copper and brass end plates retain heat better than stainless steel. Typically, copper boilers are more susceptible to limescale when you compare to stainless steel boilers. Therefore, we highly recommend using a water softener like the V725 or the Oscar90.
  • Pull a shot & steam milk at the same time – Because of the heat exchange design, espresso making and on-demand steam is always readily available after a 20-30 minute warm up. Hence, there is no wait time going from coffee to steam mode. Thus, this works well if entertaining a small group of guests or customers.
  • Boiler sensor low water auto-shutoff – Prevents burning out the heating element when the water level in boiler or the reservoir is low. The boiler has both a low water and high water level sensor. Distilled, purified, NOR reverse osmosis water can be used in this machine because of these sensors will not pick up the water level, and the machine will pump water and overfill the internal boiler (creating a massive leak).

Picture of Bezzera Crema Water Reservoir

Picture of Water Tank for Bezzera Crema Espresso machine

Tank/reservoir system:

  • Particle filter – Protects the machine from any large particles from entering the pump, valves, and the boiler. You can remove this filter if you are installing an inline water softener.
  • Automatic boiler refill circuitry makes sure when the water level drops in the copper boiler, the pump is activated along with the opening of the boiler refill valve to refill the boiler with water from the tank/reservoir.
  • Water reservoir’s low water shutoff – The water tank sits on a spring-activated plate which depresses the switch under the plate. Once the water is low in the reservoir, the springs raise the reservoir and plate, and the tank micro-switch turns off power to the heating element in the boiler, as well as turn on the low water indicator on the front panel.

Picture of Bezzera Crema Front Upper Controls

Picture of Buttons

Push button settings:

  • 2 programmable dose setting – Left and and middle dosage buttons can be programmed to measure the amount of water through the grouphead and then automatically stop the pump.
  • Manual continuous coffee brewing – Use the third (or right) push-button to start and stop the espresso extraction manually.

Picture of Bezzera Crema Vibration Pump

Picture of Pump

Vibratory pump:

  • Efficient – 41 watts (manufacturer can change), rated up to 15 bar with air valve bypass. You only need 9 bar to extract perfect espresso, and wattage has no correlation to longevity.
  • Cost-effective – Pumps will degrade in performance over time and usually average useful life is 5 years. Easy area to self-replace. Replacing a vibration pump will cost less than a rotary vane pump.

Picture of Bezzera Crema Steam Wand

Picture of Steam Wand

Steam wand:

  • Multi-directional – Allows for more movement and flexibility.
  • Protection: Steam wand has an external rubber grip that protects your fingers when handling the steam wand.
  • Non-burn steam wand: Steam wand designed for no-burn for quick handling and movement. If the and needs to be held for more than a few seconds while steaming, then use the protective grip.

Picture of Bezzera Crema PID Dsiplay

Picture of PID

PID display:

  • PID temperature programming – Allows you to easily program the boiler temperature for different coffee blends. Moreover, the PID replaces the normal pressure switch. You can adjust the boiler temperature from 80 C ° to 100 C °.

Picture of Bezzera Crema Accessories

Picture of Accessories

Accessories included:

  • Dual spout filter handle – 58mm in diameter with a wooden handle.
  • 1-cup filter basket –  Holds ~7g of coffee grounds.
  • 2-cup filter basket – Holds ~14g of coffee grounds.
  • Blind filter basket – Meant for backflushing at 58mm in diameter.
  • Plastic tamper – Common for most espresso machines to keep the overall selling price of machine low. We recommend upgrading to a better 58mm tamper. Check out two of them below!
  • Plastic scoop – Utilized for using pre-ground coffee.
  • OPV catch pipe – For the spout to the drip tray.
  • Cleaning brush – For cleaning the grouphead.
  • Instructional manual in English.

Picture of Bezzera Crema Front Upper

Picture of Construction


  • Front Body Panel – Stainless steel polished to a mirror finish.
  • Side/Back Panel – Stainless steel painted white. Includes a Bezzera emblem on the back.
  • Steam handle can be locked in the up position to free up hands.
  • Joystick valves for steam and hot water.
  • Solid brass grouphead with chrome plating for a lasting finish.

For more Bezzera products, please visit our Bezzera brands page. If you have any questions, please reference the Q&A tab on each product page.


Height (inches)

15, approximate

Width (inches)

10, approximate

Depth (inches)

18, approximate

Weight (pounds)

41, approximate

Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)


Boiler Type

Heat Exchanger

Boiler capacity (liters)


Tank capacity (liters)


Portafilter size (mm)


Country of manufacture

Milan, Italy

E61 Grouphead




PID Control


Water Connection

Tank / Reservoir

Espresso Machine Warning:

  • ELECTRICAL WARNING: To avoid electrical damage to this espresso machine which is not considered a manufacturer's defect, please acquire and install a single-outlet surge suppressor rated at 1080 joules or higher. the lack of the recommended surge suppressor, the espresso machine can be damaged at the power switch, the electronics, the heating element, the pressurstat or the wiring inside.
  • WATER WARNING: To increase the useful life of and not damage your espresso machine, please use softened water. Softened water is water without calcium and without magnesium, but still has other minerals for espresso extraction. Do not use distilled water, purified water, nor reverse osmosis water as these types of water create oxidation with the metals and cause the same damaging effects as limescale.
  • DESCALING WARNING: We do not recommend descaling unless there is an issue with the espresso machine. The reason is that too much descaling can eat away at the metals and gaskets inside an espresso machine.

  • Backflushing
  • White Enamel Pint
  • Stainless Steel
  • Reservoir

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      IS this the same machine as the BZ13? Thanks.
    1. 0 votes
      Q IS this the same machine as the BZ13? Thanks. answer now
      Asked by Jeff on May 19, 2022 4:34 pm
      Answered by the admin

      Similar, but we do not think exact.

    2. Hi, does this need to be connected to the water system?
    3. 0 votes
      Q Hi, does this need to be connected to the water system? answer now
      Asked by Joseph on September 9, 2021 1:45 pm
      Answered by the admin There is no connection for a water line on this model line at this time of writing.
    4. Hi, do you ship to canada.?
    5. 0 votes
      Q Hi, do you ship to canada.? answer now
      Asked by Jonathan Flores on March 25, 2021 2:47 pm
      Answered by the admin

      Sorry, we do not.

      A Anthony's Espresso in Vaughan, Ontario will have this machine available last week of April.
    6. Hi, we're suddenly having an issue with the brew pressure on our Crema DE PID. I did a back flush yesterday - as I've normally been doing every 1.5 - 2 weeks - and when I pulled a shot of espresso to prime the machine afterwards, the brew pressure only went up to around 4 bar (it's normally around 11 bar when I make espresso, and it was generally around 12 bar during the back flush cycles). I also recharged the Ascaso water softener cartridge, which is also done regularly. This morning, the pressure was still very low. The pump audibly runs when we engage the brew button, and both the steam wand and hot water dispenser are working as normal. I viewed your video on an air bubble in the line, but since the hot water dispenser works, I don't know if that rules out that diagnosis. Any ideas or suggestions on what the problem might be, and how to address it? Thanks! P.S. My wife mentioned this morning that although the brew pressure was very low, the steam wand frothed her milk today exceptionally well, fwiw.
    7. 0 votes
      Q Hi, we're suddenly having an issue with the brew pressure on our Crema DE PID. I did a back flush...... Read more answer now
      Asked by Anthony DeSalvo on December 28, 2020 7:39 pm
      Answered by the admin

      Backflush  shows machine is working properly. This is a grinder and grind prep issue. Read more hear about the espresso machine gauges.

    8. Good Morning, I am curious to know when the Bezzera Crema DE PID may be available again.
    9. 0 votes
      Q Good Morning, I am curious to know when the Bezzera Crema DE PID may be available again. answer now
      Asked by Mark on December 1, 2020 5:53 pm
      Answered by the admin

      Sorry, these sold out quickly. Probably by end of 1st quarter next year.

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