Vibration Pump – General Manual Priming

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Note: The instructions below are for single boiler, dual-purpose espresso machines.

It is important to work fast when the espresso machine is on as an espresso machine without water internally ‘can’ cause heating element damage. Please keep the water tank/reservoir full.

  1. Power off your espresso machine and let it cool.
  2. Fill a turkey baster with water and attach to intake tube. If there are 2 tubes in the water tank/reservoir, connect to the longer one).
  3. If your espresso machine has a hot water switch, turn on the switch. Otherwise, turn on the coffee switch.
  4. Open the steam valve by turning knob into full open (this is the let air escape) and place a cup under the steam wand.
  5. Hold the turkey baster filled with water into the intake tube.
  6. Activate the power switch and squeeze the turkey baster to push water through the tube.
  7. Once you see water exiting the turkey baster through the tube for 3-5 seconds, power down the espresso machine immediately to remove probability of another air pocket.
  8. Remove turkey baste from intake hose and insert intake hose into the water tank/reservoir.
  9. Power the espresso machine back on and allow water to come through steam wand, then power off.

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