Bellezza Bellona Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

$1,499.00 $1,199.20

Upgrade your espresso experience with Bellezza Bellona – dual boiler, glass water tank, unbeatable price. Perfect shot, every time.

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Pair your Bellezza Bellona with a Quamar Nemo Q and get huge accessory discounts!

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1 year parts & labor warranty limited to manufacturer's defect
  • WARNING: This machine uses an external glass reservoir which can break and breakage is not covered under warranty.
  • WARNING: Since this machine uses an external reservoir, the machine can run without water and cause damage. Please ensure the reservoir is always filled to the maximum line as these damages will not be covered under warranty and any returns will have the credit charged for repair of the damages.
  • Defects due to limescale buildup are not covered under warranty. Please read about Limescale Prevention.
  • For any issues within your warranty period, please contact us.
Earn 1099 EspressoPoints worth $32.97! (Learn about EspressoPoints)
Earn 1099 EspressoPoints worth $32.97! (Learn about EspressoPoints)

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