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1st-line Equipment knows, as do you, that the perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino comes with no rush and good control. La Pavoni has been accomplishing the mastery of this art since 1905. Having the capability at your fingertips to manage tamp pressure, grind, and the ideal length of extraction will change your relationship with “Joe” completely. La Pavoni espresso machines from Milan, Italy are traditional, classical, and timeless…just as you want your perfect shot to be.

Whether you are looking for the ideal commercial piece to endlessly satisfy customers or if you are looking for home equipment with you as the endlessly satisfied customer, you have found exactly what you need. There is no possible way to go wrong with La Pavoni espresso and cappuccino machines, as they have been pleasing people for over a century. Setting the standard long ago for the highest possible quality of equipment, La Pavoni espresso and cappuccino machines will change your business, your home, and your life, one perfect espresso at a time. The equipment combines industrial lines with sturdy construction to ensure the expectations of your shot or cup are not only met but surpassed.

As 1st-line Equipment recognizes the value of perfection in simplicity, we have made it accessible for you to carry the art of La Pavoni in your business or home. We not only carry these espresso & cappuccino machines. If you have ever wished old-world beauty existed and operated in your space daily, La Pavoni is the espresso machine for you. Never wavering in the quality, history, or expectations of their machines, you will certainly find the superiority you have been searching for.

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