Lelit Grouphead Flow Control Assembly with Paddle and Holding Screw

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Please note all wood is natural and there will be variations in the color and finish.


Bianca Kit – Flow Control Assembly with Paddle and Holding Screw For Manual Brew Pressure Profiling

Please note that Lelit confirms this item fits the Lelit Mara. However, they can not confirm it fitting E61 groupheads found on other machines. Lelit has confirmed that other machines can have a slightly different E61 grouphead. This item is considered a part, and not an accessory.

It is confirmed this paddle kit will not work on Vibiemme E61 groupheads due to the different structure of the top of their E61.

Please note the following to avoid damage to your grouphead:

From the top of your grouphead, the gicleur can be removed usually with an 8mm socket and socket wrench. Upon installation, needle nose pliers can be used to start the installation of the new gicleur. Otherwise, place a little white masking tape on the inside of the 8mm socket to hold the gicleur in place.

WARNING!!!! Upon installation, only hand tighten the gicleur. If you use a socket wrench, there is a 99% likelihood that the gicleur will break inside the grouphead and can be difficult to remove.

If you have success or not on your E61, please write your review noting your machine manufacturer and model on the following link to make other customers aware:

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1 review for Lelit Grouphead Flow Control Assembly with Paddle and Holding Screw

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    1. 0 votes

      We are very sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, we only have the kits. We will find out from Lelit if can get the needle separately. However, they are closed for the month of August.

    2. 0 votes
      A Sorry, as we indicate, we can not guarantee a fit on every E61 grouphead as there are slight differences between manufacturers. For Faema machines, this kit most likely will NOT work on the Legend series.
    3. 0 votes

      Sorry, we can not guarantee it 100% as we do not carry this machine. It should work, but there could be some nuances like a new mushroom needed.

    4. 0 votes
      A I have to add that the flow I am now getting on the Profitec 700 with the pressure set at 10bars per Lelit and other Bianca users is 10ml/s instead of 6.3ml/s. The only way for me to get 6.3ml/s is with the paddle set in an almost close position(less than .5 inches travel between a flow of 6.3ml/s to fully close 0ml/s. This makes the operation of flow profiling impossible. I am convinced that I got a defective Lelit Flow Control Kit. Maybe the machining of the needle and/or gicleur was wrong or something. I really don't know, but something is definitely wrong. Is there a better way to get technical support than this Q & A form? Thx.
    5. 0 votes

      Some answered on another question. Also, if there is co control at all on flow, even in closed position, this means the installed gicleur may have been in too loose. However, do not over-tighten.

    6. 0 votes
      A Sorry, it will not work under its current form. The lower portion of the paddle is obstructed by the design of the grouphead shape which is more robust, but not round. The only workaround is to chop off the bottom portion of the paddle.
    7. 0 votes

      The gicleur with the Bianca paddle kit has a different size hole, so the new gicleur should be installed.

    8. 0 votes

      Sorry, we can not confirm yes or no if it will fit perfectly. There are different versions of the E61 grouphead. However, if you are willing to work through the process through trial and error, we are pretty sure it can be done. For instance, a ECM mushroom and gasket may be needed.

    9. 0 votes
    10. 0 votes

      Sorry, at this time, this kit will not fit the Vibiemme due to the shape of the grouphead. However, do not lose hope as there may be a solution some day.

    11. 0 votes

      Sorry, we are unable to answer this question at this time as we do not have a Vesuvius to test this on.

    12. 0 votes

      Sorry, we do not have confirmation at this time. If there is a stainless steel mushroom without the separate nut on top of the mushroom, a new mushroom with gasket will be needed.

    13. 0 votes

      We are pretty sure it does. However, we will need to have feedback from one of our pre-order customers.

    14. 0 votes

      Sorry, we have not confirmed yet. As soon as we do, we will update this page.

    15. 0 votes
      A We are very sorry that we could not confirm yes or no on this question as we do not sell Rocket at this time.
    16. 0 votes
      A Sorry, it is only available as a complete package with the discounts. We may sell the items separately in the future, but the pricing will be higher for each.

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