Lelit Grouphead Flow Control Assembly with Paddle and Holding Screw

Bianca-fy your espresso! Learn more below! This kit is known to work on the Bianca, Mara line of espresso machines, and the Caffeum Perfectus Minima by ACS.

Note: All wood is natural and there will be variations in the color and finish.

WARNING! Please note that we are not responsible for any damage before, during, or after installation.  Damages can include, but not limited to

  1. over-tightening the gauge into the grouphead (causing the gauge thread to break and threading broken inside the grouphead),
  2. breaking of gaskets and o-rings,
  3. scratches on the mushroom,
  4. over-tightening of gicleur, and/or
  5. limescale build-up.

Nicholas H. from United States (US) purchased

Motta 08350/58 Coffee Leveling Tool - 58 mm

12 hours, 45 minutes ago