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Manufactured in Italy, Advanced Coffee Solution (ACS) Ambiente espresso machines are some of the finest for your home. With their mirror finished stainless steel and clean, sleek aesthetic look, these beauties are sure to compliment your kitchen. In addition, these machines will produce the best quality cup of espresso.

Espresso Machines
1st-line Equipment offers an ACS espresso machine that will provide you to control the espresso extraction, the Ventus. Make authentic lattes, cappuccinos and espressos to suit a variety of taste, in the comfort of your home. Additionally, the Ventus will brew authentic barista-quality beverages that are tastier than the ones at your local coffee shop. By purchasing a high-end espresso machine and pairing it with one of our espresso grinders, you will have a rich, creamy and full of flavor cup of espresso. These quality machines heat water and steam separately, allowing the cream to reach the perfect consistency without scalding your coffee. Also, frothed milk can be textured to create creamy, rich froth just the way you like it.

At 1st-line Equipment, we are honored to carry the best espresso machines, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Try the Ambient Espresso Ventus machine, built in Naples and created by a passion for sailing and coffee. Furthermore, the Ventus has a silent extraction and operation, ideal for anyone who enjoys peace and quiet – no pump means no pump noise. Finally, take a look at our selection and contact us to learn more about our ACS Ambiente Espresso Machines.

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ECM 89426 58mm 3-Cup Bottomless / Naked Portafilter

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