SOLD – IN STORE PICKUP ONLY – S.P.M. SP2 Commercial Frozen Beverage Dispenser – 2 bowl, white


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SP is a perfect solution for Bars, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Coffee Shops, Hotels, and all the other HoReCa operators who need reliable equipment for the production of delicious chilled specialties, like creamy desserts, sherbets, mousses, and alike products.

Available in one-, two-or three-bowl configurations, SP allows to simultaneously treat one or more products, for example using a bowl to produce chilled cream and the other(s)to produce sherbets or two creams, allowing original combinations capable of meeting any operator-, time- or season-related requirements.

SP also provides a significant ROI, thanks to the high overrun and to the transparent bowl encouraging impulse purchasing.

SP is compact and features an elegant design, as well as rounded shapes with stainless steel finishings and white or black finishes. It is easy to clean and user-friendly, and all the components which come into contact with the products can be removed without having to use any tools.

The machine comes with a HACCP certification and works with water- or milk-based dried products or with Brik mixtures ready to be poured into the bowl.

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