These fantastic used showroom models below are for pick up in our NJ store location only.
Our in-store pick-up specials are a great deal for our local customers! The highly discounted sales are only available when a customer physically picks up the equipment in our physical storefront AND pays with cash or credit card in the name of the buyer.
Some have asked why we can not ship these items. The reasons are very simple. There is no cost to us for shipping, no cost for double-boxing, and less cost for credit card fees. In some cases, we do not have the original packaging to ship the equipment.  In other cases, whereby damage has been repaired, the probability of damages occurring again are very high. Most of these items do have shortened warranties.

Lastly, customers who visit can see the unit in person before purchasing.  Hence, there is no cost to take extra pictures for someone who inquires online. At the end of the day, these lower costs result in great deals for our local customers.

Sorry, shipping/delivery, are not included in the price, and these items can not be shipped. Credit card payment required at the time of pick up. Please call to make an appointment. New Jersey Sales & Tax are added to the sale in all in-store purchases.


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Edward A. from United States (US) purchased

V111K E61 Grouphead Gauge/Manometer 0-16 BAR

5 hours, 50 minutes ago