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Slayer espresso machines are a perfect example of how art and manufacturing when properly blended, can produce an exceptional-looking and functional product.

This Seattle-based company has cornered the market in functional art when it comes to its sleek, high-tech espresso machines. This innovative company has three primary machines – a single, double, and triple group. Each of their base models can be aesthetically modified to conform to any environment from retro and industrial to classic and modern.

Technologically, Slayer espresso machines could conceivably be considered artistic as well. Slayer even can custom build their machines with features like a glass body showcasing custom tanks and mechanical components, and 24-carat gold plating with Paduak timber accents.

One of the unique design considerations Slayer incorporated into its machines is the ability to control the flow rate through the brew actuator toggle changes to influence coffee’s perceived acidity, sweetness, and body. This is an entirely new tool for flavor extraction.

Single Group Advantages: Advanced temperature management, patented flow rate control, simple serviceability, and more. With commercial-grade components and a smart touchscreen display, Slayer Espresso Single Group is ideal for both professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts at home.

Double Group Advantages: Two groups, four tanks, infinite possibilities. The Slayer Espresso 2-Group has independently controlled flow rate and temperature for each group head. A number of carefully crafted elements go into the machine’s heating system design to continuously deliver precise and consistent performance. The 2-Group is ideal for espresso bars, restaurants, and cafes of all sizes.

Three Group Advantages: Considered the ultimate Slayer experience, the Slayer Espresso 3-Group comes with independent brew groups, massive steam capacity, and an exclusive pre-heat tank – all of which are digitally controlled – to combine the most powerful coffee espresso machine on the market. Its patented technology introduces a pre-brew wetting stage and unique brewing profiles allowing for all possibilities of creating amazing espresso drinks. The 3-Group is perfect for high-volume cafes and coffee shops.

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