Not Heating – Rancilio Silvia

Stage One

Check to see if the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine heats in steam mode. If it does, you will need a new 100° C coffee thermostat.

Resetting safety thermostat

  • Remove the top cover for access to the safety thermostat – see detailed instructions.
  • On the front wall of the brass boiler, you will see a safety thermostat that has 2 wires connected. Between the two wires, there is a red push button. If you feel a click, please reassemble and test the unit. It should work.
  • If the safety thermostat does not click, you will need a continuity tester or a multimeter with a continuity test mode. If you do not have this tool or do not know how to use it, you can send your machine in for evaluation.

Stage Two

With the multimeter, please check for continuity between:

  1. the heat element posts,
  2. the posts on each heating element post and the boiler wall

If there is no continuity between the posts OR there is continuity between either post and the boiler wall, then you have a damaged heating element. This results from:

  • lack of water in the internal boiler, usually from too much steaming,
  • leaving the machine in steam mode too long,
  • not refilling the internal boiler with water through the steam wand.
  1. the posts on the coffee thermostat
  2. the posts on the steam thermostat
  3. the posts on the safety thermostat

If there is no continuity on the above, the appropriate thermostat needs to be replaced.

Parts & diagrams for the Rancilio Silvia can be found here.