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Steam Valve Repair – Lelit PL41 Anna

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Please follow our instructions on getting access to the inside of the Lelit PL41 Anna espresso machine. Once inside follow the instructions below.Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna
Locate the locking nut on the steam valve. You can see it in the picture to the right with a red arrow pointing to it.
Using an open-ended wrench, loosen this nut until it fully separates from the threads on the valve.
You will now be able to pull the knob and shaft from the valve through the front of the machine.
2 O-rings are located on the shaft of the steam valve. You will need to replace and lubricate these.
Using a small pointed tool, remove the 2 O-rings, and replace with new pieces. Be sure to apply a liberal amount of high temp food-grade grease to the shaft and O-rings.

If you need further assistance, please reference the Q&A section of the Lelit PL41TEM Anna.

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