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Solenoid Valve Repair – Lelit PL41 Anna

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Please follow our instructions on getting access to the inside of the Lelit PL41TEM Anna espresso machine. Once you have access to the inside, follow the instructions below.Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna
Locate the green quick connect fittings. By pressing the fitting toward the black box, and pulling away from the brass valve, these will release.Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna
The green quick connect on the plastic hose also works in the same method.Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna
You will now be able to lift the black box upward. Remove the rubber hose and loosen the thumb screw below it.Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna
The fitting will slide out from inside the black box. At this point, replace the black box and reassemble.

If you need further assistance, please reference the Q&A section of the Lelit PL41TEM Anna.

Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna

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