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Leaking Issues – Lelit PL41 Anna

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A leak in the steam wand can mean a leak in one or more of three places:

  • the steam tip hole(s)
  • the valve connection to the knob stem
  • or the valve connection to the wand.

For any of these types of steam wand leaks, it is first better to descale the machine to see if it can be corrected without taking the machine apart.

You can purchase descaling solutions on our website.
Here is a link to the descaling instructions on our website.

Please proceed to the next step below if descaling doesn’t work.

Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna
If the leak is coming from the valve to steam wand connection, please order MC044 and remove the nut (connecting the wand to valve) from outside the machine.

If the leak isn’t here, proceed to the next step.

Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna
Please follow our instructions on getting access to the inside of the Lelit PL41TEM Anna espresso machine. Once inside follow the instructions below. Solenoid Valve Repair - Lelit PL41 Anna
If there is an internal leak, the hose on the OPV ‘T’ will sometimes come off in transport. Just reconnect as shown and it is held with friction.
If it is leaking from the stem or steam tip, please loosen the shown nut with a 16mm open ended / crescent wrench.
After loosening, you can twist off by hand.
There is an open end to the nut which allows you to remove it from the stem.
Back out the stem, by rotating the steam knob and remove.
The tip may have residue which you can clean with a wire brush. There is metal to metal contact in the valve for closing the leak to the steam tip. If the valve stem is leaking, you will need to replace the 2 o-rings (better to order extra as they can break on install).

You can also purchase a new stem, either the short or long one.

If you need further assistance, please reference the Q&A section of the Lelit PL41TEM Anna.

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