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Wolfgang Hauck, the founder and head of ECM Germany, has been active in the espresso business for over 25 years. Also, he was highly influential in the institution of Italian espresso culture in Germany.

ECM Manufacture is a team of specialists who combine years of experience with outstanding competence in designing espresso machines. The company has at its disposal a core of highly qualified and experienced staff. In addition, the innovative ECM Manufacture espresso machines are produced by their own manufacturer in Milan. Additionally, it is marketed selectively worldwide through ECM Manufacture-trained specialist dealers.

Before marketing his own products, Hauck was, for many years, the exclusive importer of Italian espresso machines, such as Gaggia, Cimbali, La Pavoni, Quick Mill, and VBM. For several years, Hauck has been joined in the management by his son, Michael Hauck. Michael adds his own excellent technical expertise and aptitude for design by bringing new ideas into production and development.

For many years now, ECM Manufacture has established itself as a manufacturer of high-end espresso filter holder machines. Like other filter holder espresso machine manufacturers, ECM Manufacture knows how to combine excellent stainless steel design with innovative technology.

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