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How to Use Coffee Grounds in your Home Garden

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of this day to appreciate the beauty of nature and your LOVE for coffee, get ready to learn how to use your coffee grounds in your home garden!

What’s So Special About Coffee Grounds in Your Garden?

Some of you might be wondering why coffee grounds are beneficial to your home gardening. Well, coffee grounds can keep your soil fertilized, kill weeds, and keep your soil acidic. After all, coffee grounds consist of a lot of nitrogen to increase your soil fertilization. However, this can increase the risk of preventing plant growth and negatively affecting the microorganisms in the soil and soil PH. Additionally, you do not want to use your coffee grounds directly on your soil if you are planning on growing plants with a lot of acid, such as blueberries or hollies.

How to Properly Use Those Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

In order to prevent any of those risks previously mentioned as well as making sure your garden produces quality plants, follow these steps:

  • Spread Them Out: Use half an inch of coffee grounds as a bottom layer and cover that with two to four inches of shredded bark or compost.
  • Composting: Add approximately 10-20% of your coffee grounds to compost, or the decomposed organic materials. If you are not sure exactly how much to put, then consider this ratio: add four parts of leaves to one part of ground coffee.


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