VBM Domobar Super HX Rotary Pump Switchable Espresso Machine

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Earn 1999-2199 EspressoPoints worth $39.98-$43.98! (Learn about EspressoPoints)
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VBM Domobar Super HX Rotary Pump Switchable Espresso Machine

This unit is the THE BOMB! VBM quality at its best! They upgraded their most reliable unit, the VBM Super HX with tank and vibration pump with the following features:

  • Ability to use the internal water reservoir or directly plumb to the water line (manual lever under machine must be moved to appropriate water source desired).
  • Ability to manually empty the drip tray or plumb in the drain for the drip tray (no extra parts or kits needed for the machine – all included).
  • Rotary vane pump for quieter operation.
  • Internal drainage to the drip tray allows operation without any water going to the internal reservoir in direct plumb mode. Other machines drain to the reservoir which needs to be emptied. This VBM model does not require constant emptying of the reservoir for the flow from the overpressure valve and prevents mold and mildew build up as the reservoir stays dry.
  • Adjustment screw under water reservoir allows operation in direct plumb mode without having to switch any wires on the switch under the reservoir. No separate expensive switches to replace either.
  • Valve on bottom rotates to change between water tank and direct plumbing modes.


  • Heat kills electronics. The Gicar motherboard is loacted near the bottom of the unit as heat travels upward. Even on machines that have insulated boilers, there is still heat dissipation and build up inside the machine, and where does heat travel? Upwards! Where are the electronics on the machines you are looking at?
  • Ease of self-repair? Look at the VBM! Three screws on each side the wraparound body panel and the insides can be accessed. Two screws each on the top and bottom of the water tank platform, and you have open access for self repair. VBM has designed one of the most easiest repairable machines with their Super HX series.
  • True VBM E61 grouphead, which has its own VBM stamp, is one of the heaviest in its class and maintains active flow of water from the grouphead to the heat exchanger in the boiler. In addition, there is an internal restrictor to lessen the overheating of the grouphead, which is found on many E61 grouphead machines.
  • The heat exchanger allows you to make espresso after espresso until water reservoir is emptied and steam milk at the same time because of the large boiler which also adds to more temperature stability over smaller boilers.
  • Professional grade brass portafilters – one portafilter with single spout and single filter basket and one portafilter with dual spout and double filter basket.
  • Removable 2.1 liter pour-over water reservoir.
  • Boiler pressure gauge to indicate boiler pressure (reading will vary between .8 and 1.2 bar pressure). The setting can be varied by adjusting the full size pressurestat through the access port under the cup warmer tray on top of machine.
  • Pump pressure gauge to indicate brew pressure during espresso extraction (reading will vary while not extracting which is normal).
  • Multi-directional stainless steel steam wand on left side can be moved in different directions.
  • Multi-directional stainless steel hot water tap on right side can be moved in different directions.
  • Steam wand is a pro-grade steam wand – this means there is no silicone inside to slow the thoroughput of the steam that exits AND there is no odors that sometimes eminate from the silicone inside a no-burn steam wand. In addition, one can still burn their hand or fingers if one holds a no-burn steam wands for mroe than 5 consecutive seconds while steaming.
  • Power indicator light on right side indicates when the machine is powered on.
  • Heating light on left side indicates when espresso machine is heating.
  • Low water level light in middle indicates when water level in water reservoir in rear is low.
  • Three stage power switch allows user to fill internal boiler without sending power to the heating element (prevents damage upon initial start up).
  • Full size Parker pressurestat (rated as one of the best boiler pressure regulators) monitors boiler pressure – although you may hear a little clicking sound when the pressurstat turns on and off, the reliability ofr useful life is greater than a PID display which is subject to internal heat build up.
  • Extremely large stainless steel drip tray which can be easily (slides out with pull of handle) removed for cleaning. Grate stays on machine when pulling out drip tray so that it is one step to empty.
  • GICAR branded electronic water level control for internal boiler is located in lower right rear corner of machine where there is least heat build up – this improves reliability.
  • Largest OPV (over pressure valve opens when too much pump pressure exists) located in rear of machine with easy access when body panel and six (6) associated screws are removed.
  • Accessories: Single spout portafilter, single dose filter basket, double spout portafilter, double dose filter basket, blind filter basket for backflushing, plastic coffee scoop, and a common useless plastic tamper (please make sure to order a good tamper).

Additional information



Height (inches)

16.5, approximate

Width (inches)

11, approximate

Depth (inches)

20, approximate

Weight (pounds)


Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)


Boiler capacity (liters)


Portafilter size (mm)


Tank capacity (liters)


Country of manufacture

Milan, Italy




  1. No burn wands: We have decided to NOT offer no-burn steam wands because the typical internal diameter is about 50% less than a normal steam wand, and this usually affects performance times in steaming. In addition, the grouphead has a much greater area to get burned.
  2. Some assembly required: Feet are not attached to the machine.
  3. 220 volt: Sorry, 220-240 volt units are not available for ordering.
  4. Service notes:
    1. Backflushing: This machine should be backflushed minimum once every 50 espresso extractions using Ascaso Detergent (our instructions included with purchase). This is only for cleaning the oils fromt he grouphead.
    2. Water Usage: We prefer one uses softened (not just filtered) water to prevent limescale build up. Descaling really is for internally cleaning of the machine.

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    1. 0 votes

      Please always refer to the manufacturer's diagrams on our web site to determine the correct part number. Then, please search for the part number on our web site for availability and pricing. Please review the picture on our web site to match what you need. In some cases, measurements may be provided to double check what is needed.

    2. 0 votes

      The gauge shows the resultant resistance of the grind. In other words, there is an issue with the grind consistency, grind fineness amount of coffee in the basket, or the tamp (not enough, not level, uneven, etc) or channeling.

    3. 0 votes
    4. 0 votes

      Please backflush using a small amount of detergent.. If this does not work, the machine may need to be evaluated by a professional as multiple components can be at fault.

    5. 0 votes

      Hard water can clog the gicleur (pinhole) in the grouphead in as little as 2 weeks. We suggest running 1 cup of vinegar through the grouphead, sit 20 minutes, then run another cup, sit 10 minutes, then backflush with vinegar. Then rinse the reservoir and run 4 cups though the grouphead. Test.

      If issues persist, please open another ticket in Q&A for next step.

    6. 0 votes

      This is normal if machine is sitting for 5 minutes or more. This is why there is a cooling flush!

    7. 0 votes

      First, before using any devices to power us a machine should have a surge suppressor between the device and the espresso machine. The minimum rating should be 1080 joules or higher.

      For the wattage, the device should be rated 20% greater than the wattage rating of the espresso machine. In this case, the device rating should be 1875 watts or higher. This buffer reduces the probably of a fire being caused by the device.

    8. 0 votes

      We are unsure which of the three lights are on.

      If only the power light illuminates on the right side of the machine, please make sure the power switch is in position 2. Then lift the water reservoir to make sure the right middle light illuminates. If it does not, the switch under the reservoir needs to be check.

      In addition, with the machine off, the heating element would need to be checked for continuity, the safety thermostat on the side or the top of the boiler depressed and felt for a click, and all the wires and connections checked for faults or deformity. 

      Personal Injury Warning! The voltage to the heating element can be checked to make sure the brain unit is working. However, if you are unsure what you are doing, there is a risk of electrocution or personal injury or physical damages that 1st-line will not assume any responsibility for.

    9. 0 votes

      We are sorry to hear about this. First step is to descale through the grouphead as a part may be scaled up and preventing water flow to heat the grouphead. Second step is to fully rinse. Third step is to backflush with detergent.

      If this does not improve the issue, the machine can be dropped off for evaluation and repair.

    10. 0 votes

      There is a screw in the plate under the reservoir or included in the drip tray accessory bag to keep down the reservoir platform. By turning the screw downwards (clockwise), the platform will engage the switch under the platform so that the heating element is not powered off without water in the reservoir.

    11. 0 votes

      Our minimum recommendation for backflushing with detergent is every 50 espresso extractions. Short backflush rinses without detergent can happen daily.

      As for descaling, we prefer that customers take a more preventative approach by treating their water. Descaling eats away at metals and gaskets causing premature wear. This means using soft water that has no magnesium and no calcium. Distilled and RO water will create the same problems as limescale but via an oxidation of the metals in the machine. We prefer descaling only be used when there is a problem.

      For tank mode, please use V725. For plumbed in mode, email us about the use of a BWT system.

    12. 0 votes

      Please review the procedure here. It is very important that you check which gaskets is in your machine BEFORE ordering.

    13. 0 votes

      It is best to use the stainless steel braided hose for protection and prevention of potential water leaks. The reason is that running flexible tuning, like John Guest or other brands, is not a good idea because of the potential of cracking or getting to close to a heat source (the machine). The best would be to connect your John Guest tubing to the other end of the stainless steel braided hose.

    14. 0 votes
      A The water pressure in the plumbed in water supply line should be about 35psi (range of 30-40 is acceptable). Too low water pressure will starve the pump for faster failure and cause more machine vibration. Too high water pressure can cause leakage. Please note other manufacturer's machines may have different receommendations. The length of the line does not matter as long as you run 3/8" minimum OD. Smaller lines can create machine vibration.

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