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This is a chrome model with 2 parts replaced with brass, the gauge and drip tray. It is missing the top dome along with the eagle and comes with a portafilter. There are scratches on the drip tray and on other parts of the machine.

There will be no warranty on this machine. Sold as is.

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Elektra Microcasa Leva Espresso Machine

If you want exceptional espresso and an espresso machine that makes minimal noise in the morning, then you found the perfect machine – the Elektra Microcasa Leva Espresso Machine. Although some people will contest that it is more difficult to make espresso with these lever machines, this is really not the case because the spring in the piston makes consistent pump pressure at each point from one pull to the next. Once again, for exceptional espresso, choose Elektra!

Manual lever operation
  • Spring piston-operated grouphead – Lever starts in the upward position, the user pulls down against spring until coffee fills the bottom of demitasse cup, then the lever is slowly released and the spring in the piston pushes the lever to pump the water through the coffee grinds. If making double, it is important to pull the lever down a second time at the halfway point and released.
  • Brass piston – While other machines may have plastic pistons in the grouphead, the Elektra Microcasa Leva has a brass piston to house two piston gaskets. Plastic pistons can get brittle and crack over time with all the heat in the grouphead whereas the brass piston in the Elektra is a great add-on to maintain heat within the grouphead.
Single boiler system
  • Durable brass – Provides exceptionally dry steam for creating microfoam.
  • Water level sight glass – Indicates the level of water in the boiler. Helps when filling the boiler to prevent over filling.
  • Armor-plated heating element – Rated at 800 watts.
  • Pressure gauge – Shows steam pressure in the boiler. The needle in the green zone indicates optimal time to extract espresso. Standard pressure ranges anywhere between 0.8 – 1.3 bar.
  • Boiler pressure relief valve – Located on top of the boiler for safety.
  • Internal pressure regulator – Automatically regulates the temperature.
  • Built-in safety thermostat – Prevents meltdown if left without water – please note that you can still damage the heating element if the machine is run dry (without water).
Beautiful design
  • Handcrafted finish – Each Elektra Microcasa Leva is carefully handcrafted which makes each one unique.
  • Large, round base – Approximately 10″ diameter. This helps keep the unit steady when pulling the lever down.
Parts / Accessories included
  • Filter baskets – 2-cup filter basket. 49 mm in diameter.
  • Portafilters – Dual spout portafilter. Bakelite handles. 49 mm filter head.

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Height (inches)

19.5, approximate

Width (inches)

10.5, approximate

Depth (inches)

10.5, approximate

Weight (pounds)


Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)

110 – 120

Boiler capacity (liters)


Portafilter size (mm)


Country of manufacture

Treviso, Italy



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    Hi Jim, my Ponte Vecchio Lusso is from 2012. Still working, but showing some age. Is this a good replacement choice?
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