Fiorenzato F4 Nano V2 Espresso Coffee Grinder

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Earn 595-615 EspressoPoints worth $17.85-$18.45! (Learn about EspressoPoints)

Fiorenzato Nano F4 Electronic Espresso Coffee Grinder V2- 110V, UL Plug, ETL Approval

Introducing the Fiorenzato Nano F4 Electronic, the ultimate commercial espresso coffee grinder that sets new standards in technological innovation! We are thrilled to reintroduce Fiorenzato into our grinder lineup, catering to the needs of cafe and restaurant owners seeking fast and efficient espresso preparation, cutting-edge mechanical advancements, and a visually striking, space-saving design. And if you’re an aspiring home barista looking to elevate your skills, pair this grinder with one of our semi-commercial home espresso machines for an extraordinary brewing experience!

Let’s delve into what sets the Fiorenzato Nano F4 apart. Its revolutionary Capsense Technology, showcased on the touch display, utilizes capacitance changes to detect the presence of a finger near or on the sensor. This intuitive interface offers precise control at your fingertips, making adjustments a breeze. Additionally, this espresso grinder features an integrated cooling fan that automatically activates when the doser reaches high temperatures, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

One standout feature of the Fiorenzato Nano F4 is its whisper-quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful environment while you grind your morning espresso. No more worries about waking up your loved ones or disturbing the tranquility of your cafe. With this grinder, you can focus on enjoying the rich aromas and flavors of freshly ground coffee without any unnecessary noise.

Experience the future of espresso grinding with the Fiorenzato Nano F4 Electronic. Combining state-of-the-art technology, impeccable craftsmanship, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, this grinder is a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Elevate your coffee experience and achieve the perfect grind every time with this remarkable machine.

Are you interested in grinding multiple brew methods, such as espresso, moka, and filter? Then check out the Fiorenzato All Ground!


Electronic controls

  • CapSense Technology – Analyzes the change in capacitance between the touch sensor and its surroundings to find a finger near or on the sensor. Pressing a selection requires very little force.
  • Multiple dosing options – Press the “1-cup” button for a single dose. Press the “2-cup” button for a double dose. Hold the “hand” button for continuous manual dosing.
  • User menu – Hold the 1-cup button for 5 seconds to access the user menu. In this menu, you can change the language (12 total), the time & date, & the brightness display.
  • Settings menu – Hold the 2-cup button for 5 seconds to access the settings menu. In this menu, you can change the grind time for the single & double dose, reset the grinding burr replacement, & restore factory settings.

Grinding burrs

  • Flat burrs – Large size at 58 mm. The larger the size, the more of a grinding surface, resulting in faster production.
  • High rpm – Faster spinning rate at 1600 rpm (60 Hz). The higher the speed, the faster the production, which can increase efficiency and reduce wait times.
  • Easy access – Remove the bean hopper. Turn the grinding adjust to the coarser direction until the top assembly comes off. This will give you access to the burrs and the grinding chamber. You can remove the burrs with a Flathead head screwdriver.

Portafilter fork

  • Adjustable – The distance from the fork to the coffee chute is ~2.5″. There is a Flathead screw which you can adjust the distance to ~2″.
  • Hands-free – Underneath the coffee chute is a lip which the rim of your portafilter can rest on. This can accommodate “most” portafilters (portafilter not included).
  • Removable – The fork can be removed if you wish to grind into a container. The clearance from the coffee chute to the tray is ~6.5″.

Grinding adjustment

  • Stepless – An “infinite” number of grind settings which allows you really fine-tune your grind. The adjustment dial is located underneath the hopper. The entire dial is numbered so you can remember your current grind setting easier. Turn clockwise for a coarser grind and counterclockwise for a finer grind.
  • Adjustment lever – This lever screws into the adjustment dial and helps you easily change your grind settings. There are 3 positions where you can install this lever. Once you find your correct grind setting, you can move the lever to another position that won’t stick out the sides.

Bean hopper

  • Low profile – Our Fiorenzato F4 Nano grinders come with the shorter hopper. The total height of the grinder is ~17″. The total hopper capacity is ~0.5 lb (250 gr) of roasted coffee beans.
  • Set screw – Secures the hopper to the grinder. Serves as a reminder for users from quickly removing the hopper if it is full of beans.
  • Fingerguard – Prevents users from “accidentally” putting their fingers in the grinding burrs.
  • Stopper – A door near the bottom of the hopper can be pushed in to close the opening. This allows you to remove the hopper with beans inside so you can easily change the beans. There will be some beans already passed in the burrs which will have to be ground out first before removing the hopper.

Grinds catch tray

  • Clean environment – Help keep your counter clean from any accidental spillage from dosing your coffee grinds.
  • Removable – The tray forms to the front feet. You can easily remove if you want to save on width and depth.

Espresso Coffee Grinder Warnings:

  • Changing grind settings: It is very important to only change grind settings when the unit is powered on and the burrs are in motion. If you do not do this, the burrs will ‘gunk’ up and render the grinder to only produce very coarse grinds or no grinds at all. To remedy this, you will have to open up the grinder to get access to the grinding burrs. This issue will be considered operator error for lack of following directions, and not be classified as a defective grinder.
  • Electrical cord: The cord is placed between the packaging (foam or cardboard) and the underside body of the grinder. During shipping, it is normal for a bend or insignificant blemish/slice to damage the cord.
  • Finding coffee grinds in a new grinder: We have confirmed that the manufacturer tests EVERY grinder with coffee beans before it leaves their facility. Unfortunately, they are not always able to get every trace of coffee out of the grinders after testing. As a result, you may find coffee beans or grinds inside your grinder, or there may be grinds in the packaging.
  • Static issues: There are static issues with all grinders, even the highest-quality models. We firmly believe that the static comes from the coffee beans. If you are having static problems with your coffee grinder, try using a different blend of beans.
  • Electrical: To avoid electrical damage (which is not considered a manufacturer’s defect), please acquire and install a single-outlet surge suppressor rated at 1080 joules or higher. A surge without protection can damage a grinder at the power switch, the capacitor, the motor, or the wiring.
  • Burr cleaning: For routine maintenance of the grinding burrs, we recommend using grinder cleaning agents. We do not recommend any removal of the burrs or the burr carrier for cleaning (unless absolutely necessary) as re-assembly can cause damage.
  • Replacing burrs: NEVER use a flathead screwdriver and hammer to wedge under the burrs for removal. This could badly damage your grinder.

  • The Fiorenzato Nano F4 is ONLY suitable for grinding coffee beans since any other use can damage the grinder. We or the manufacturer are NOT responsible for any damage due to improper use, so this will not be covered under warranty. Additionally, all Fiorenzato espresso coffee grinders are meant for commercial use ONLY, not home use.
  • Maintenance: Please periodically check the condition of the supply cable and plug. If there is damage to the supply cable or plug, please let us know about replacing them, in order to prevent any risk. In CE-certified appliances, a special tool is required to open the base plate to access the cable.
  • Cleaning: Unplug the power supply from the grinder beforehand. Do NOT use water jets or install the grinder in rooms where water jets are used. Use clean or disinfected cloths or brushes for cleaning, when you do so periodically. Do NOT use anything abrasive since these can take the sheen off shiny parts.




Height (inches)

17, approximate

Width (inches)

9, approximate

Depth (inches)

13, approximate

Weight (pounds)

24, approximate

Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)

110 – 120

Burr size (mm), Type

58, flat

Grinding speed (RPM)


Hopper capacity (grams)

250, approximate

Country of manufacture




  • Use the diagrams below to help find the exact part you are looking for. After you find the part, copy the corresponding SKU #. Then use the search bar at the top of our website. If there are no results in the search, we most likely do not have the part.
  • Please note we only special order parts if the specific model was purchased through 1st-line Equipment.
  • For general questions regarding any parts, use our parts inquiry page.
Fiorenzato F4 E / F4 EVO Parts Diagram
63 200000058
67 200000066
68 200000067
69 200000068
90 600000921
97 900001013
98 900001005
108 400000011
109 100000002
110 100000015
111 200000015
119 100000016
123 400000040
123A 400000049
123B 400000097
131 900000109
138 300000044
139 300000043
144 700000010
146 700000001
148 500000016
149 500000017
150 500000015
164 900000112
173 600000063
174 600000127
201 200000030/R
202 200000035
203 600000004
203A 600000376
203B 600000033
203C 600000046
203D 600000428
203E 600000445
203F 600000439
203G 600000141
203H 600000032
203I 600000151
203L 600000488
203M 600000030
203N 600000031
203O 6000000730
203P 600000736
205 300000045
219 200000087
221 600001031
222 600000073
223 600000102
233 200000094
238 300000060
239 300000059
245 300000046
251 300000049
258 900000568
260 900000563
261 900000759
262 200000159
270 200000091
272 200000154
272A 200000029
299 900000897
299 900000897
310 900000611
323 200000198
411 100000054
412 200000237
421 200000239
424 900001127
426 900001238
429 400000089
431 200000317
439 400000060

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      I own an F4 Nano..,part 277 on the diagram. Display is erratic. I was quoted $529 for replacement of the display by FiorXXXXXato USA. Grinder works great. I watched your videos. Seems like an odd way to support their equipment given the price of the grinder new.
    1. 0 votes
      Q I own an F4 Nano..,part 277 on the diagram. Display is erratic. I was quoted $529 for replacement...... Read more answer now
      Asked by Greg C on December 11, 2022 10:56 am
      Answered by the admin

      Sorry to hear about this. We are unsure why they have high prices. We may have the part in soon, but we are unsure what the prices are.

    2. Hi thanks for your great tutorial on F4. We had it all working but now the display is just a blue single cup and we have tried turning the appliance on and off but nothing happens. It just keeps coming back to the blue cup on display. Have you heard of this?
    3. 0 votes
      Q Hi thanks for your great tutorial on F4. We had it all working but now the display is just a blue...... Read more answer now
      Asked by Fiona on January 22, 2022 11:09 pm
      Answered by the admin

      Sorry, we have not heard nor seen this.

    4. The v.2 has a clip device to hold the coffee basket, the v.1 has just a U shaped rest to place the basket on which results in coffee grounds spilling. Is it possible to get the two piece clip-in device for the v.1. The v.1 has two rubber covers above the basket holder which would appear to be where the upper clip portion would seem to attach.
    5. 0 votes
      Q The v.2 has a clip device to hold the coffee basket, the v.1 has just a U shaped rest to place th...... Read more answer now
      Asked by John on December 14, 2021 12:22 pm
      Answered by the admin Sorry, we do not stock this part and due to difficulties with shipping and logistics, our priorities are currently placed to get the parts needed to make machines and grinders function. When things get better, we may be able to better address this request. Again, we are sorry about this.
    6. how does the F4e V2 compare to the Eureka Mignon Specialita in terms of build/grind quality and in-cup performance? Is one generally better than the other?
    7. 0 votes
      Q how does the F4e V2 compare to the Eureka Mignon Specialita in terms of build/grind quality and i...... Read more answer now
      Asked by James on September 21, 2021 1:52 pm
      Answered by the admin The F4E is a heavier grinder and of better build quality overall as it is more of a commercial grade grinder.  In cup, this can be difficult as each coffee can favor either grinder over the other.  If small space is available, then the Specialita would be a better choice. If premium kitchen counter space is available, then the F4E would be better. In addition, it is a good idea to match up the grinder size to the machine size.
    8. does the fiorenzato v2 have a 1/2 lb hopper option and if that would be any shorter than the 17 inches?
    9. 0 votes
      Q does the fiorenzato v2 have a 1/2 lb hopper option and if that would be any shorter than the 17 i...... Read more answer now
      Asked by Ravi on February 19, 2021 6:42 pm
      Answered by the admin

      We are sorry that this is the smallest hopper available.