VBM (Vibiemme) Vibration Pump Not Pumping

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The information below pertains to all VBM Domobar Junior & Super espresso machine models that have a vibration pump.

Before use

Power off the espresso machine and disconnect the plug from the outlet. To avoid burning yourself, allow the machine to cool down at least 2 hours before moving forward.

  1. Take a look at the inside right of the machine. There is a black box with 3 wires on it. make sure all 3 wires are connected.
  2. In the back, look at the bigger black box under the tank platform. Make sure there are no loose wires there. You can slightly twist the black box for a better view.


After the above is ok, follow the steps below.

  1. Lift the grouphead lever up.
  2. Open the steam & hot water valves to full.
  3. Take a turkey baster and fill it with water.
  4. Attach the turkey baste to the longer hose in the tank and keep that hose outside of the tank
  5. Power on your machine.
  6. As soon as you hear the hum of the pump, hold the turkey baste to the hose tightly, and squeeze turkey baste. You should hear a different sound on the pump from a hum to a burring sound. If it changes, power down your machine, put the hose back in the tank, fill it with water, and turn your machine back on.

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