Pump & Air Release Valve Repair

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Tools needed: 13mm open ended wrench, 7mm open ended wrench, pliers, teflon tape.

  1. Remove rear wrap-around body panel by removing the three screws on each side. When using a flathead screwdriver, use the index finger and thumb of one hand to keep the screwdriver steady on the screw head. This will avoid any slippage and scratches to the body.
  2. Using a 7mm open ended wrench hold one end with pliers and turn bolt until its off.
  1. Using a 13mm open ended wrench and pliers hold copper elbow with pliers and take off stainless braded hose with 13mm wrench. (Caution: plastic piece is weak and will break off)
  1. Pull off plastic hose of plastic air release valve (it snaps on and off).
  1. Unscrew plastic piece counter clockwise off of brass output on pump.
  1. Unscrew elbow from plastic piece (teflon not normally on these pieces)
  1. When you reassemble elbow to pump air release valve, use Teflon tape on one end of elbow that goes into the pump air release and on the end of the pump air release that goes into the pump brass output.
  1. Reattach plastic hose and braided hose. (remember plastic piece is weak use pliers to hold elbow when you tighten the braided hose)
  1. Insert bolts thru the machine and rubber and tighten nut to bolt.

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