PID Display Issues

PID Display Issues

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Not accurately displaying

If there are missing lines in the display, the PID display will probably need to be replaced.

Not powering nor displaying

If the machine was just transported via a common carrier or in a vehicle, please check the connection behind the PID display. Sometimes, the computer cable will dislodge from the PID display or on the other side into the black control box. Here are some pictures to review and get those connections back. Please be careful not to misaligned or bend the small prongs as this will damage the PID display or black control box.

  1. To the right is a picture of the computer cable connection tot he back of the PID display on the Vibiemme PID double boiler espresso machine. Pay attention on how the wire folds downward.
  1. Here is another angle of the PID display connection.
  1. If you look closely, the computer cable to the black box has come off.
  1. This is a picture of the wire connections on the black box.
  1. In this picture, the computer cable is connected to the black box.
  1. These are the upper connections to the internal black box.

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