Parts Diagram – Lelit PL044MM Fred

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1000020 CD368-2
1400005 CD458
1400006 CD458-2
1400007 CD553INOX
1400008 MC269-110
1400022 MC334
3000045 MC342-250
3700061 MC343G
3700084 MC376
780049 MC421
7900009 MC422
8800001 MC428
8900033 MC429
9100030 MC784
9300018 MC785
9600008 MC786
9600014 MC811
9600069 MX129

1000011 MC210
1000020 MC217
1400156 MC221
1600001 MC234
3700010 MC245
9100022 MC248
9300001 MC249
AST113 MC288
CD377 MC289
CVMC246 MC293
CVMC246-1 MC311
GV025/46 MC373
GV565 MC607

Eric W. from United States (US) purchased

La Spaziale Dream Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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