Lelit Bianca – Low Brew Pressure On Grouphead Gauge

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  1. If the brew pressure gauge on the grouphead does not achieve between 8 and 11 bar of pressure on the full open position with the paddle, please test with a blind filter basket inserted into the portafilter and attached to the grouphead.If the pressure exceeds 10 bar with the blind, then the issue is the fineness of the grind, the amount of coffee in the basket, and the tamping pressure (consider resistance factors). Please remember, the brew pressure gauge will show the result of the resistance created by these three factors.
  2. If water leakage occurs at the manual valve of the grouphead, then there is some buildup, sediment, or manufacturing debris that may be keeping the lower valve open. Please unplug the machine from the wall outlet and allow the Lelit Bianca to cool down. If plumbed, please turn off the water supply. Remove lower assembly one piece at a time and inspect. Remove any debris, reassemble, and test.
  3. PLEASE DO NOT PERFORM THIS FUNCTION BELOW IF THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS AS THERE IS A RISK FOR DAMAGE UPON REASSEMBLY.If the blind creates less than 4 bar at the brew pressure gauge, please unplug the machine from the wall outlet and allow the Lelit Bianca to cool down. If plumbed, please turn off the water supply. Please move the paddle to the fully open position. Loosen the Allen key screw (2mm) on the paddle and lift it off. Remove the nut assembly and lift it out. Check that the gicleur is not damaged (little brass nut inside with pinhole). If it is, an entirely new assembly will need to be purchased.

    If, the gicleur seems ok, reassemble the top needle valve. Use the paddle to further open the needle valve by turning counterclockwise. Place the needle valve nut into the grouphead. Hand tighten first and then use the crescent wrench with 1/8th turn. Then use the paddle to carefully move down the needle valve until it hits the full closed position. You may need to lift off the paddle more than once to get to the closed position. Do not force the needle valve as you can damage the gicleur if too much pressure is applied at the closed position.

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