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Conversion 220V -> 110V – Lelit PL41 models

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Below is a list of parts. You’ll need these to replace in order to change the voltage on your machine from 220V to 110V. This list is from the manufacturer by the request of a customer. Unfortunately they did not provide us with written instructions. Also our technicians are not familiar with the process as they only having training with 110 volt home equipment.

CD487 1 Power Cord – 110V, 16AWG, American Plug
MC006-110 (similar) 1 Pump – 120V, 52W, 60Hz, EAP5
MC010-110 1 Solenoid Valve – 110V, S9000A
MC027 1 Copper Tube
MC045 2 Silicone O-ring for Heating Element – 9.25 x 1.78
MC046 1 Silicone O-ring for Boiler – 71.12 x 2.62, SH70
MC075 1 Quick Joint
MC029-110 1 Heating Element – 110V, 1000W
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