Safety thermostat reset – Elektra a leva & semiautomatica

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There are two types of Elektra resettable safety thermostats – one with a yellow cap on the base and one without.

If a Semiautomatica machine, please unplug and remove water from top basin.

If there is a yellow cap under the base, remove it and get a pen to reset the safety thermostat

If no yellow cap, then unplug the machine, remove the screw under the drip tray with a short stubby philips screw driver, lay the machine on its side on a towel, and peel the bottom cover from the back of the base using a thin flat head screwdriver pressed against the plastic perimeter sticking out. This should be done at the back of the base in case you scratch the base bottom. Once you get a small slot started between the metal base and the plastic indentation, you can insert a larger flathead into the space and then twist the screwdriver to extend the space wider through out the base. Remove the plastic base and insert the drip tray screw in its spot so you do not lose it.

Position the machine laying down so that the front face or grouphead is facing your ceiling.

In the bottom base where the boiler sits (6 o’clock position), you will see 2 heating element posts coming out of a 2-3 inch circular brass plate that is indented from the entire base. In that same section, you will see a brown thermostat with 2 electrical connections. Sometimes, this brown thermostat is hidden under a copper tube. In between these connections, you will see a white push button. Push this in and feel for click. If you feel a click, reassemble the unit and test. If you feel no click, you will

  1. need to send the unit in for repair, or
  2. test the connections with a multimeter/continuity tester with our advice.

Elektra Safety Thermostat Elektra Safety Thermostat
press in white push button press in brown section

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