Piston Grouphead Maintenance - Elektra Microcasa Leva -

Piston Grouphead Maintenance – Elektra Microcasa Leva

Piston Grouphead Maintenance

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Note: Please read directions in entirety prior to performing gasket replacement.

Lube all gaskets with a little virgin olive oil or food grade grease (Petrol-Gel) and remove excess.

Basically, you would remove the top nut of the piston head and remove the hardware that holds the handle. With a mallet, gently tap down on the shaft until it drops. You may want to cover the base so it does not damage when the piston drops. The screen with a head gasket will also drop. You can also remove the entire piston head from the machine and then remove the piston from the head.

There is one gasket that gets placed on the inner top side of the piston head. It is usually held in with a C-clip and/or washer. Then there are 2 gaskets on the piston. Make note how the 2 piston gaskets are facing. Place the new gaskets on the piston. Slide the piston shaft into piston. When the gaskets are at the entrance, you will need to squeeze in the gaskets with a small screwdriver and without damaging the gaskets. Slide the piston up, line up holes, and place hardware back onto the piston top.

Place the new gasket over the dispersion screen and push on the gasket with a wide screwdriver to avoid damage and until the gasket seats are in place. Use the portafilter handle to tighten up the gasket.

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