Panel Lights Blinking - Elektra Sixties T1 -

Panel Lights Blinking – Elektra Sixties T1

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If the last 3 or 4 lights from the left are blinking on the front lower touchpad, this means one of 3 things:

  1. Water was cut off from the machine – Please check the water supply by depressing the “K” button and water should exit the grouphead within 20 seconds (shut off if it is not pumping water). Please check your user manual to reset the heating element.
  2. Boiler refill is clogged with sediment or limescale – Please power off the machine, unplug, and shut off the water supply. Please remove the top cover and the side body panel. In the rear left corner there is a black box with incoming and outgoing tubes. Disconnect and check for water.
  3. Temperature probe was eaten away from too pure water – Please power off the machine, unplug, and shut off water supply. Remove the lower front panel. There is a probe with 2 wires connected to the bottom of the boiler. Remove and inspect for corrosion. Please note that a lot of water will leak from the opening. Test by opening the water supply, plug in, and power on. You will need to reset the heating element per the instructional manual. If faulty, replace the problematic probe.

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