Steam Valve Fix – Ascaso Steel Uno PID Version 4 With Wood Handle

Steam Valve Fix – Ascaso Steel Uno PID Version 4 With Wood Handle

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To make repairs on the steam valve or on the new 2017 Ascaso Steel Uno Professional espresso machines, it is easier to remove the entire assembly.

Please make sure the unit is cold and unplugged from the electrical outlet.

The top cover can be removed by removing the two top philips screws on the top rear corners facing forward. Lif the back up and pull out towards the rear. You will see two hooks on the top cover and two bolts it latches onto on the inside body. There can be 2 wires attached for the active cup warmer. Just note a number on each set of connections 1 and 1/2 and 2 so you know how they go back together.

Steam Wand Fix - Ascaso Steel Uno
Rotate the steam knob until you see the Allen key screw. Remove the Allen key screw and make sure to not lose it because these are not easy replacements. Once removed, the wooden knob will need some force to be pulled out. A big flathead screwdriver , BUT very careful as usually the wood will chip or damage. After removing the wood knob, (picture of knob with screw)
The stainless cover for the electronics can be removed by hand twisting the plastic wing nuts.

Where the above steam valve assembly sits in the base, there are two screws facing out towards the drip tray. The screws will need to be removed while holding each nut with your finger.

Steam Wand Fix - Ascaso Steel Uno
The get out the above steam valve assembly, the one connection to the front board needs to be removed and then the assembly can be wiggled out.

In the first picture above, we have disassembled the valve from the stem and showed its components.

If the leak is through the knob stem, the the 2 orings on the stem need to be changed.

If the leak is from the holes in the steam tip corrurs, then the gasket at the end of the stem dislodged and needs to be reinserted or the gasket repalced on an older machine. The gasket can also be turned around into the stem. In addition, the stem has two components with threads. Sometimes, the one side loosens and it needs to be threaded back.

If the leak happens between the steam wand and bottom of the valve, then a gasket needs to be replaced.

Steam Wand Fix - Ascaso Steel Uno

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