After steaming / frothing – Dream UP V2

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If your steam wand is dripping from inside the tip on the Ascaso Dream steam tip, the first step is to descale the Ascaso Dream through the steam wand by following the instructions here.

If you are getting leakage from where the stem connected to the knob on one end and inserts into the steam valve on the other end, then you need to replace the 2 o-rings on the stem or you need to adjust the golden ring on the stem and set screw that holds it into place.

If your steam knob can be turned until the o-rings are exposed, then the set screw needs to be tightened or the golden ring that carries the set screw needs to be adjusted.

Set screw tightening

  • Stand the unit up. Rotate the steam knob inwards, and try to find the pinch on the stem to align with the whole in the golden ring. Insert the set screw and tighten it with an Allen key wrench.

Steam valve adjustment and o-ring replacement – for Ascaso espresso machines with a steam knob

  1. Turn off the power switch, coffee switch, and steam switch, unplug the electrical cord from the electrical outlet, and let the unit cool if fully hot.
  2. Remove the top cover – 2 long screws behind the grouphead need to be removed. The cover slides upwards.
  3. Loosen the small screw on the stop ring.
  4. Turn the steam knob outwards and inwards to make sure there is clear motion back and forth. If replacing the o-rings, remove steam completely and change o-rings. if clear motion does not exist or there is excessive rubbing on body/inner wall, the valve position on the boiler may need adjusted. Before proceeding to next step, turn steam knob and stem fully into the valve until it stops.
  5. Make sure water is in reservoir and insert into machine.
  6. Place large cup under grouphead without portafilter and one large cup under steam.
  7. Turn coffee switch on, plug electrical cord into electrical outlet, and then turn power on. Be careful to not touch anything inside of the machine to avoid personal injury or damage.
  8. Water will start to flow from grouphead into cup. Turn out steam knob UNTIL a steady stream of hot water flows from steam wand and stops from grouphead.
  9. Leaving steam knob in exact position, turn power off and unplug electrical cord from electrical outlet.
  10. Position stop ring on steam valve stem against inner wall and tighten small screw.
  11. Place top cover back on and tighten screws into extenders. Please note that sometimes extenders loosen when screws are removed.

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