Steam Leaking Through Steam Wand Tip – Ascaso Dream PID

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  • Unplug your espresso machine from the electrical outlet.
  • Allow the machine to fully cool.
  • Remove the top cover by removing the 2 Phillips screws from behind the grouphead.
    • It is easier to remove the screws when the machine is upside down. Before doing this, remove the water reservoir and drip tray. Afterward, turn the machine back upright.
  • Remove the knob by removing the Allen key screw.
  • Take out the large C-Clip.
  • Back out the large nut (this may be difficult as a slimline Crescent wrench may be needed).
  • The steam knob stem backs out, usually in reverse.
  • Inside there is another mechanism holding the gasket that makes the seal. It either fell off the holder, or the internal mechanism loosened from the steam knob stem.
  • In some cases, it is easier to remove the entire steam valve assembly from the machine because that one nut after the C-Clip is a super tight space.

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