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La Nuova Era is a young and dynamic company that can follow the constant changes in today’s market and come up with a product that is built with the help of consumer ideas. Handmade in Milan, Italy the company supplies high-quality espresso machines of all sizes for home and small businesses. The company focuses on the quality and care of espresso machines in every aspect and each production stage. The result is a specialty coffee machine, efficient and unique!

The quality of a good cup of espresso depends not only on the scent, the blend, and the aroma of coffee but also on the espresso machine’s capability of brewing to perfection. La Nuova Era has decades of experience designing and manufacturing only the best coffee machines. Not only does the company produce high-quality espresso coffee machines, but La Nuova Era is known for listening to their consumer’s needs and creating unique devices.

Take a look at the Cuadra. La Nuova Era has spent countless hours with designers creating the sleek, and simple curves of the Cuadra. This espresso machine is fitted with some of the highest regarded state-of-the-art technology and features a 2.0L copper boiler making it perfect for any home or office. Kickstart your day with a high-quality coffee professionally prepared by the best espresso machine in the industry. The company has come a long since it began in an old inn, where a group of colleagues having lunch, decided to have a coffee at the bar. La Nuova Era espresso machines are sure never to disappoint.

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