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Ceado is a 100% Italian company that offers the NSF-approved commercial-grade, espresso coffee grinders for the United States. The company was first created in Italy in 1952 by Egidio Girardi and continues to make and export their products from Italy to many countries around the world. Ceado espresso coffee grinders are one of the best in the US market.

Over the last few years, 1st-line has noticed that Ceado has developed into an industry-leading brand for commercial-grade espresso grinders with ground-breaking technology and design innovations. Think strong, work better is the philosophy behind each element designed to ease the daily workload of barmen and baristas, and achieve maximum performance with no compromises!

Ceado espresso coffee grinders are equipped with a steady lock system; the first system that ensures a constant distance between the burrs in most working stress conditions, and a quick set revolution that goes beyond the adjustment standards offered in the US market. This strapless grinding adjustment guarantees infinitely precise coffee grindings every time. Some of our available Ceado coffee grinders even offer a redesigned hopper, precision dosers, anti-clogging systems, and static and clumping control systems.

Count on Ceado coffee grinders for freshly ground coffee every time. The reliability and innovation of products combined with last-generation electronics have resulted in a product that keeps the best qualities of coffee grind consistency. Experience precision, convenience, and reliability with some of the lowest-speed motors on the market. Even the pickiest coffee connoisseurs are satisfied with the quality and performance of Ceado coffee grinders. Buy one from 1st-Line Equipment.

We do sell Ceado parts.

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