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“Caffeum Perfectus” means “Perfect Coffee” in Italian. Thus, we strive to offer you, the customer, an espresso machine that will produce perfect coffee after consistent extractions. 1st-line Equipment is proud to offer five different espresso machines and milk frothing machines.

Espresso Machines

Firstly, one model is a beginner dual boiler espresso machine known as the Caffeum Perfectus Minima! There are not many dual boilers that sell for under $2,000 AND provide you powerful steam, but the Minima is one of those machines that works wonders in the steaming department!

The other three espresso machines are suitable for espresso capsules. These are the Caffeum Perfectus OFFICE, Caffeum Perfectus slimNESs, and Caffeum Perfectus sweetPOINT. Depending on the model (and some of their names give it away), Nespresso capsules OR Espresso Point capsules will fit. All three of these machines are very user-friendly and will allow you to simply pop in the capsule in the slot, press a button to operate, and discard and clean easily!

Pair one of these capsule espresso machines with the QUICK Milk Frothing Machine to quickly froth milk for your perfect lattes or cappuccinos!

Lastly, learn more about each model in more detail, and get ready to make your “Perfect Coffee” today!

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Lelit 9700050 Steam Boiler Safety Valve - 3 bar, 1/8" M

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