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Making Pour-Over Coffee while Traveling?

Making Pour-Over Coffee while Traveling?

If you are reading this, then you might be planning on taking a vacation in the near future and want to make coffee on the go. Better than spending a lot of $$ on a cup at the coffee shop, right? After all, a day without great espresso is a sad day on our watch! Here are some recommendations for great coffee makers and coffee grinders to use for travel.

Coffee Makers

  • Chemex –  Chemex is a great brand of glass hourglass pour-over coffee makers, but need a hot water heater by Capresso or Bonavita. The only issue with traveling with a Chemex coffee maker is that glass could break.
  • Frabosk – Frabosk designed an aluminum stovetop coffee maker that is perfect for traveling or even a weekend camping trip! After all, this Frabosk Mokyta 6-cup moka espresso coffee maker is nicely compact and very simple to use!
  • Velox – The Velox Coffee Break Coffee Maker is an awesome portable espresso machine that gives you the ability to brew espresso in your parked car! To make this possible, you will need ground coffee, fresh water, and your car or truck’s 12-volt power supply or cigarette lighter.
  • Hario – Hario is a highly reputable company for equipment to make pour-over coffee. Specifically, Hario designs a variety of drippers that are nicely travel-sized. Check out our two woodneck drippers, one that makes 2 cups and the other that makes 1 cup. Please be careful with these as they are made with glass and could break. Additionally, you will need an appropriate kettle to pair with your dripper. Check out the Hario Power Drip Kettle Buono that holds 0.8L and the Hario Buono V60 Drip Water Kettle that holds 1L.


Coffee Grinders

  • Hario – Another shout-out goes to Hario for making superb drip coffee equipment! Precisely, this is one of the only companies that make hand coffee grinders with ZERO retention! That’s right, no messes when grinding your coffee! We offer two Hario grinders that are small enough for traveling, including the Hario Acrylic Box and Hario Mini Mill.


And Most Importantly…Coffee!!

  • Our 1st-Cup Blends – We freshly roast coffee and espresso beans right at our NJ warehouse! Our most popular beans for regular drip coffee are 1st-Cup Medium and 1st-Cup Columbian Excelso, which is a light roast.


So there you have it! Now you have some solutions on how to make a nice cup of coffee while traveling. If you have any questions about the models or coffee blends we recommend, feel free to email us on the Contact Us page or submit a question on the Q&A tab on the individual product pages. Enjoy your quality travel coffee!


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