Quick Start Guide - Domobar Super DB -

Quick Start Guide – Domobar Super DB


Each machine is inspected prior to shipping. We do open the VBM box, inspect the machine, and add extra packaging inside to secure the machine for safer transport. When you receive the machine, inspect the machine for any damage. Remove the body (3 screws on each side) and check the hose that is connected to the pump. Leave body off for now.

Inital Startup

  1. Fill the reservoir with softened water outside of the machine, place the reservoir on its platform on the machine, and insert the two hoses into the reservoir.
  2. Check to make sure the power switch is in the ‘0’ position.
  3. Open the hot water and steam valves to the open (outward position). Sometimes, VBM will ship these in the open position and this is a reason why you may find some watermarks on the machine when received. Every VBM machine gets tested by VBM as part of their quality control process.
  4. Plug the machine’s electrical cord into a 110-volt outlet with a minimum 15 amp rating (you need to check your circuit board for the rating or hire an electrician to confirm). Please read about power protection on our web site as voltage surges and spikes can damage the electronics and heating element of ANY espresso machine.
  5. Put the power switch in the ‘I’ position. You should hear the pump engage. Check the display screen to make sure it shows ‘OFF’. If not, please hold and press the button to the right of the display (has a circle within a circle) until it shows ‘OFF’. While the machine is filling up, squeeze the intake hose for 3 seconds, and listen for a different pump noise. It should be different. If not, the pump may have an air pocket or you may be squeezing the incorrect hose. Power down the machine and call us if the noise is not different.
  6. While pumping, check the vinyl hose at the pump for leaks (there have been a few cases where the vinyl hose splits where it meets the pump). If it leaks, power down the machine, cut the hose, and re-attach to the pump.
  7. Once the machine completes it’s self-fill, lift the lever up on the manual machine or depress the semi-automatic button on the electronic version. The pump will engage and keep running until water flows out of the grouphead, then lower the lever or depress the semi-automatic button to stop the water flow through the grouphead.
  8. Press the button to the right of the display, and the display should no longer read ‘OFF’. It will read two different codes (‘CP’ and then the version number), and then it will start to read the current temperature of the water at the top of the coffee boiler.
  9. If you wish to power on the steam boiler, turn the power switch to position ‘II’. The left-most yellow light on the top panel will illuminate. A good warm-up for the double boiler machine is about 40-45 minutes. When you change the position of the power switch, it is a good idea to wait three seconds at each interval change.
  10. Continue to check for any leaks. Once satisfied, power down the machine in reverse order of above, and place the cover back on.

Programming the temperature of the coffee boiler

  1. Press and release the button located on the left side of the display (on the manual lever models, there is a screen imprint of the letter P). The display should flash the programmed temperature.
  2. Within 5 seconds, use the right and left buttons to respectively increase/decrease the programmed temperature.
  3. Please note the programmed temperature of the coffee boiler is not the temperature of the water at the grouphead. This difference is known as DELTA. We have decided not to pre-program the DELTA on the machine. The reason is that the DELTA can change from one environment to another, and it can also change when the same environment changes (i.e. ambient room temperature differs). Therefore, we recommend programming the PID between 20-30 degrees higher (or between 220 and 230 F). To find the right spot depends upon your coffee blend, the grind, and the amount of coffee. It will become trial and error to find the right temperature for your coffee.
  4. Once the desired programmed temperature is reached, allow flashing to stop.
  5. If you have any questions, we would rather you stop and call us before making any assumptions that could damage your new purchase.

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